Is the Facebook research APPLAUSE program trusted? They are paying $5 per month in order to keep their app in Mobile.



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Well, these days, no one can say which app is trusted or which app is safe. Every one and another app asks for permissions which aren’t required necessarily still we permit it without thinking a bit.

I came across Facebook Research App and about its program 1–2 months ago. It is really offering a huge payout compared to other such programs out there. I was in a doubt, whether will it really pay that amount? If yes, why they are giving so much? Are they tracking most of the data and not only the Usage Analytics?? So I thought not to try it. But after few days, I saw most of my friends posting about the payment they received from Facebook Research after using it for a month. The max payment I saw with one of my facebook friend was 1,000$+.

And many people got payment. So finally I decided to try it but not in my regular phone where my PRIVACY is Concerned. It is Invite Only Program so I got invite from one of my friends, registered and installed the app. After one month, I saw my Pending Payment of $10 (as per the participation reward). You get extra $10 for each refer you do.

Since I did not have any referrals, I will receive $10 as my active participation reward. What Task Did I Actually Do? Believe me, I did nothing other than just installing and activating app.

And as per the Appluase (Facebook Research Program Handle), they are monitoring phone usage, network, etc. and analyzing it further. And they pay us for this itself.

So, you should try or not? I would suggest you to do same as I did. Just register and install it in a dummy phone (if you don’t have, grab one new with at least Android 6.0 Version).

What are the Rewards Offered?

$5 - $10 per Month for Active Participation (i.e., install and keep the app running in the background) $5 - $10 per Referral per Month. So if you refer 3 friend, you would get extra $15 - $30 every month.

Just make sure you and your friends actively participate every month. $20 Extra per Month for Every 5 Active Referrals. So let’s say you have referred 10 friends who are actively participating every month along with you. So you would get $ 10 for your Participation + $ 100 for your 10 referrals + $40 (as per $20 bonus for 5 referrals) referral bonus = $150. And this is monthly reward.

So you will continue getting this reward every month as long as you and your referrals are active.

So want to join now?

Want invite to register and participate in this program? Just contact me whatsapp and Skype +238137140110

If you are facing any issues or having any doubts, you are most welcomed to share them in the comments below.