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Michel Jackson dragged into R. Kelly's Sexual scandal




NEWS: Michel Jackson dragged into R. Kelly's Sexual scandal [New Entertainment] » Naijacrawl
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Docu Series; Surviving R Kelly has been the talk of the town.

The Docu Series exposes how R Kelly had harrased minors sexually and also grown women. Victims of his harassment were interviewed on the Docu Series exposing the superstar. Many celebrities have had their say in the controversial TV show, as many were against R Kelly's act and termed it surprising and horrific.

In recent development, the channel broadcasting the Docu Series recently revealed that they will be airing an interview with someone who was a victim of Micheal Jackson's sexual harassment after Sundance. Although many people were against this, as they believe the late pop star is innocent of the crime they are trying to tag on him after his death.

Micheal Jackson had been called paedophile and rapist when he was alive and was charged to court but he was declared not guilty as there were no proof to hold the charges and the prosecutor confessed to have lied to extort money from the family. Micheal Jackson fans have claimed the TV channel is only seeking cheap publicity trying to bring dirt on Jackson family and the dead pop star.


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