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Putin Accepts Finland & Sweden to Join NATO




FOREIGN NEWS: Putin Accepts Finland & Sweden to Join NATO [New Foreign News] » Naijacrawl
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The Russian President; Vladimir Putin has signalled Russia will tolerate Finland and Sweden joining Nato, but warned the Kremlin would respond if the alliance installed military bases or equipment in either country.

The Russian president said on Monday the proposed Nato enlargement posed “no direct threat for Russia”, adding he had “no problems” with either Finland or Sweden.

Speaking on a day that Sweden formally announced its membership application while acknowledging it would remain “vulnerable” until it joined, Putin warned that “expanding military infrastructure on to this territory would provoke a response from us [ . . .] based on the threats they create for us”.

It will be noted that Russia invaded Ukraine because of the country attempt to join NATO, but Putin has vowed to pressure now since he can't be fighting three countries in a go.

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