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Money is very important and human being cannot do without it, Money Management is one of the greatest tests of discipline.

This doesn't make you greedy or stingy but it makes you wise. Before you can manage money effectively,



1) Be ready to offend people: Dont try to please people because there is notging you can do to satisfy them, love yourself ,don't be selfish, you must prepare to offend people but legitimately. If you want to please people, you cannot manage money and it is a huge problem which can land you in debt.



2) Avoid making promises: Don't buy what you want but what you need. Never put your children in school that is above your earnings or income either at home or abroad.



3) Be independent: Free your mind of financial assistance here and there and plan your salary to determine the extent of helps you can offer as we must still help people. 


4) Dont imitate: We are unique being and are not the same, Never copy your friends but wait for your time. Avoid collecting loans which your salary cannot cope with to avoid begging for money after cooperatives have deducted their money.


5) Do the needful: Foods, school fees, bills and plan for the future are the priorities you must face,Don't make donation or pledge beyond the capacity of your income. Find means to improve your income without corrupt acts or practises.


6) Avoid Overspending of money: Never spend your income until you have gotten the alert because it becomes problem if it doesn't come eventually. Avoid buying car you cannot maintain and keep to your wife as extra marital affairs kill income.


7) Save for the unforeseen:Increase your savings in cooperative so that u can take good loan to build house, go into Agriculture, investment and to train your children. But you must eat well and your family must not suffer because you are saving more than your capacity.


8) Select your friends: Avoid making people who cannot help you with your friends, at least 70% of your friends must be financially stronger than you because of your times of need.


9) Avoid keeping money: One of the greatest strategies successful people adopts is by not holding money or cash, because they have come to understand that money does not want to stay in a place ,it wants to keep flowing and the moment you hold certain amount of money you will want to spend it. 98% people in the world cannot handle money ,so its better to avoid holding money to avoid crisis.


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