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INEC’s Shenanigans: A Joke Taken Too Far!




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Nigerians from all walks of life have been writhing in disgust and anguish over the outcome of INEC’s 2023 presidential election, one which many, including political observers have labeled the ‘worst election in Nigeria’s history’.

Calls for qualitative leadership had grown exponentially in the last few years, especially since president Buhari’s supposed re-election in 2019 after hopes of a paradigm shift from the ruling party to the country’s main opposition party PDP were dashed following former Vice-president Atiku’s and PDP’s successive losses at the 2019 presidential election and the election tribunal challenging Buhari’s victory, thus leaving many Nigerians stranded and counting down the days to the end of Maj Gen (Rtd) Buhari’s regime.

2023 looked like the perfect time to make the yearnings of Nigerians come to reality, and INEC presented themselves as a reformed institution ready to conduct what has been termed ‘the most important election in the history of Nigeria’.

Under the leadership of Prof Yakubu Mahmood, INEC made Nigerians believe that the electoral body will for the first time give them credible elections, they introduced the BVA and the IREV which would eliminate electoral irregularities, alas that was a smokescreen to divert Nigerians’ attention from their(INEC) main agenda; gain the trust of Nigerians(or at least try to), aggressively rig the elections, select a ‘president-elect’ whom Nigerians will vehemently reject, and then ask the rigged to ‘go to court’.

The events of 25th February can only be accorded it’s rightful prefix or in this case title, a joke, because there’s no way in Gods earth INEC expect Nigerians and the world to think for a second that the nonsense they call elections will be taken seriously by a right-thinking individual, organization, or country, the reason why only a handful have stretched forth their hands in congratulatory gestures towards the supposed winner, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the APC candidate, who by the way has a truckload of unanswered questions about his very negative antecedents and involvement in organized crime; drug trafficking and money laundering.

As April 1 beckons, Nigerians earnestly await INEC’s biggest announcement yet, that the February 25th 2023 presidential elections was a prank. The clear winner of the election, Mr Peter Obi of the ‘third force’ Labour Party, has urged his supporters to remain calm as he and the obliged INEC’s advice of going to the courts to seek redress if they feel the election results was unsatisfactory to them and other parties involved. 

The ‘All fools day’ which has been set aside for celebrating fools around the world is usually marked by performing pranks on 1st April every year, sometimes very expensive ones, we can only assume that INEC has delineated Nigerians fools and thus decided to perform this very disingenuous, malicious, repugnant, fatal, nerve-wrecking and heart-wrenching prank on Nigerians who had hoped to take back their county from the evil machinations, whims, and caprices of the ‘powers that be’ who have run the country down since inception.

As the clock ticks and April 1 approaches, we await what could be the most important announcement in Nigeria’s history, that the February 25th presidential elections result was a prank and that the candidate whom the people voted for, and who truly won the election be returned.

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