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He said.

 David: “ok just this once and please do not repeat this again, 

I accepted.

So he went and locked the door, I got on top of the bed and opened my legs, I was completely wet and needed love making, so he got hold of the artificial p3nnis and sat beside me on the bed, the smell of his perfume really made me more wet and demanding, he shyly tried inserting the artificial p3nnis into my Kittycat but it could not go in freely.

“Could you make me wet a little, please”? I begged him,

he seemed more confused, after about a minute, he started touching my Kittycat with his two fingers, I was on top of the moon, he touched my Kittycat in a way that made me almost shout out,

he was really enjoying himself too because after a while I stretched my hands and could feel his p3nnis so hard and strong. The length was awesome and I immediately started imagining it deep inside me.

His father (my husband) has a huge and long p3nnis so it was not surprising to know that his son has the same but I feel his son’s own was bigger and stronger considering he is a young man. 

This thought really made me desire him more but I had to control myself and enjoy the moment.

He then inserted the artificial p3nnis into my Kittycat, I almost screamed out, he started putting in and out of me with it, I opened my b00by for him and begged him to s*ckk it. He reluctantly s*cked it after much pleading, the feel of a fresh and young lips on my nlppIes was overwhelming. His soft lips and tongue really gave me an awesome sensation.

He kept screwing me with the artificial p3nnis for about 30minutes while his lips where working on my n1ppIes, I was winding my waist up and down, left and right, my whole body was alive, after s*uccckinq my n1ppIes for a while he took his lips out and I immediately grabbed his head and kiiiizzzeedd him, I was almost dying, it has been ages since a young fresh lips touched my lips, I s*ccckeed his lips as if I was licking icecream, his heavy and fresh breath gave me a resounding pleasure.

He increased the speed on my Kittycat and after about 3 minutes I had the best releasing I have had in more than 10 years, I could not help but scream out and held him while I came, after I had released I let hold of him but my body needed the original p3nnis but I had to control myself. I thought he will go but he simply sat beside me and played with my nlppIes for a while then he said something that really shock me, he said...

David: “mummy, you gotta help me release too, I am so damn in the mood now”. 

Wow!!!! Just as I wanted, so I replied “no problem, but please promise me daddy will know nothing about this”, 

David: “no mummy, trust me”. 

I then slowly removed his trousers and brought out a snake-like p3nnis, I do not think there is any woman on earth that will not be excited seeing this p3nnis. It was magnificent, it was huge, it was straight and had a nice cap to fit it. I became in the mood again instantly immediately I got hold of his p3nnis.

I slowly lowered my lips to the p3nnis, brought out my tongue first and began to roll it around the cap, I did this for a while then I swallowed the cap and began s*ccckkkinq it while playing with his balls, I used one hand to press the body of his p3nnis while the cap was inside my mouth, this made him shake so much, he was lying down on the bed so my Kittycat was close to his lips, he started using his finger on me again and before I could say anything!! His mouth was on my Kittycat, haaaaaa!!! I screamed out, 

I was dying – this was too much for me to bear, I opened my legs for him and he really really li.cking every juice off my Kittycat, 
 I swallowed his p3nnis in my mouth and kept on s*ckinq it for a while, he was really good in li.cking my Kittycat, 
 I was enjoying this moment, we then got up and stood on our feet, held each other and brought our lips together, we s*cck3d our lips for about 5 minutes.

Then I knelt down and held his hard p3nnis and began s*ckinq him again, I did this for about 5 minutes while using one hand to play with his ball, few moments later he led out a loud shout and was about releasing, in a few moment he released inside my mouth, I carefully li.cked every bit of his juice and the smell was awesome.

After he released, we sat on the bed for a while, I was really h0rny, I needed his p3nnis inside my Kittycat, 
 I needed a real and life p3nnis inside my Kittycat, this thought was really making me crazy, however I controlled myself. 

10 minutes later, he left my room and we promised each other that it will remain a secret.

My husband came back in the evening, after giving him dinner we went inside our room to watch movies and sleep, all through the time I was thinking and fantasizing David’s p3nnis inside my Kittycat, this thought made me so h0rny, I got close and started li.cking my husbands lips, his lips were old and frail, they did not give me the same feeling, the same excitement and the same sweetness, this was boring. The most boring part was the fact that he doesn’t s*ck my Kittycat, he doesent know how to handle the, he is not innovative but his son is, this was annoying and I could not sleep, about 30 minutes later he slept off.

I stayed awake till 11.23pm and I was becoming restless, I could not take this anymore, I needed David and I need him now!!!! I reasoned. Sensing that my husband was fast asleep, he usually sleeps like a lazy dog, I tiptoed out of the room and went straight to David’s room, I knocked on the door for about 30 seconds then he woke up and opened the door. He was surprised to see me there and said 

David: “jeez mummy what are you doing here? Where is my father? 

I was so h0rny that I could not answer him but grabbed him immediately and covered his lips with mine, we li.cked each others lips for about 3 minutes, then he closed the door and asked me. 

David: “what do you want?  To be continued..

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