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Some women blame the devil for their woes, while in actual fact they are the one to be blamed for their calamities.

A Yoruba adage says, “When a woman loses her character, she will blame destiny for not bestowing a good husband on her.” Character is very important. If you lack it, men will disdain you. They will avoid you and go for the lady next to you, even if she is not as pretty and good looking as you are. You can not hide character; you cannot pretend about it for too long. It exposes your person. Let me expose some of the evil character that may destroy your blissful home:

(1) Laziness – No man loves to marry a lazy or dirty woman. If you are lazy, expect men to avoid you like a plague

(2) Pride- A proud lady will not be easy to control and it is the dream of men to marry ladies they can lead, instruct and correct; ladies that will respect and obey them. If you are proud, you will be stubborn and difficult to lead. Consequently, men will take to their heels when the issue of marriage comes up.

(3) Extravagance – If you can easily blow hundred thousands of naira in a minute, expect men to avoid you. No man desires to marry a drain pipe.

(4) Strife – If you are contentious, malicious, nag, resentful and embittered, men may just want you for friendship and not for marriage.

(5) Anger – Uncontrollable anger can send Mr. Right away. If he sees you demonstrating anger once, he will prefer somebody else, so as not to jeopardise his life. Your beauty and charisma can earn you proposal, but it takes good character to convince a man to take you to the altar and live the rest of his life with you. If you do have constant broken courtships check your character, habits, dispositions to life, reactions to issues, and how you handle problems, rejection, anger, disappointment and failure, etc.

Good Character will not just give you a good husband, it will also preserve your home. It will keep honey in the moon. In fact good character is the greatest insurance for your marriage, develop it. To develop good character, ask for the Holy Spirit. Ask for meekness, the mother of all godly character. Read books on godly character and pray for it.

Consciously work on yourself, relate with people of noble character; listen to character building tapes , Videos and read magazines on character.

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