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Comparing Casemiro’s Stats To The Current Midfielders At Manchester United




SPORTS NEWS: Comparing Casemiro’s Stats To The Current Midfielders At Manchester United [New Sports News] » Naijacrawl
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After struggling to sign Barcelona’s Frenkie de Jong, Manchester United have now switched their attention to Real Madrid’s Casemiro.

But does the transfer make sense?

Casemiro, who joined Madrid from Sao Paulo in 2013, has won three La Liga titles, five Champions Leagues, a Copa del Rey, three UEFA Super Cups and three FIFA Club World Cups.

The Brazil international has also managed to establish himself as one of the best defensive midfielders in the world.

“If he’s not the best, he’s definitely among the best,” Sergio Busquets said in March after being asked about Casemiro. You just have to watch his games, his career, or the work he does on the field.
“It happens to midfielders like us. We’re not flashy and people don’t pay attention to us because, at the end of the day, they just take a look at goals, assists and dribbles.
“Our work is not flashy, but it’s important. We have to control the game." I admire Casemiro. I like all quality players, and Real Madrid have many of them.

Bruno Fernandes – 10

Fred – 4

Christian Eriksen – 1

Scott McTominay – 1

Donny van de Beek – 1

Casemiro – 1


Bruno Fernandes – 6

Fred – 4

Christian Eriksen – 4

Casemiro – 3

Scott McTominay – 1

Donny van de Beek – 0

Minutes per goal

Bruno Fernandes – 312

Donny van de Beek – 484

Fred – 509

Christian Eriksen – 938

Scott McTominay – 2393

Casemiro – 2576

Minutes per goal or assist

Christian Eriksen – 187.6

Bruno Fernandes – 195

Fred – 254.5

Donny van de Beek – 484

Casemiro – 644

Scott McTominay – 1196.5

Chances created per 90 minutes

Christian Eriksen – 2.9

Bruno Fernandes – 2.6

Fred – 1.2

Scott McTominay – 0.9

Casemiro – 0.9

Donny van de Beek – 0.4

Successful dribbles per 90 minutes (success rate)

Scott McTominay – 1.4 (77.8%)

Fred – 0.9 (56.3%)

Christian Eriksen – 0.8 (50%)

Casemiro – 0.7 (70%)

Bruno Fernandes – 0.7 (63.6%)

Donny van de Beek – 0.6 (35.2%)

Shots per 90 minutes (inside the penalty area)

Bruno Fernandes—2.6 (1.1)

Christian Eriksen – 2.1 (0.5)

Casemiro – 1.5 (0.5)

Scott McTominay – 1.0 (0.4)

Donny van de Beek – 0.9 (0.2)

Fred – 0.6 (0.2)

Passes completed per 90 (passing accuracy)

Casemiro – 68.5 (86%)

Fred – 59.4 (84.1%)

Bruno Fernandes – 54.8 (78.3%)

Christian Eriksen – 52.2 (80.9%)

Scott McTominay – 46.4 (85.6%)

Donny van de Beek – 45 (84.7%)

Successful tackles per 90 minutes (success rate)

Casemiro – 2.8 (68.2%)

Donny van de Beek – 2.8 (68.2%)

Fred – 2.8 (52.8%)

Scott McTominay – 2.4 (66.7%)

Bruno Fernandes – 1.6 (47.1%)

Christian Eriksen – 1.2 (57%)

Interceptions per 90 minutes

Fred – 1.4

Casemiro – 1.3

Scott McTominay – 1.2

Donny van de Beek – 1.1

Christian Eriksen – 0.9

Bruno Fernandes – 0.5

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