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Story time! See how this couple relationship ended in years.




NEWS: Story time! See how this couple relationship ended in years. [New Story] » Naijacrawl
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This a fictional story that has the tendency to occur in real life.

My name is Daniel. I’m a 36 years old Nigerian

I traveled to the United States to permanently reside and further my studies in college and I got admitted into Massachuset Institute of Technology (M.I.T) to study Electrical & Electronics Engineering. It was my first day in college and I was quite happy and nervous at the same time. I was walking in the hall way when I mistakenly bumped into this beautiful lady and the books she carried fell on the floor. I quickly apologized and picked up the books. She looked into my eyes, smiled and told me not to worry.

I quickly introduced myself and she reciprocated. I felt a deep connection at that moment.

We talked for a little while before she left. She was the very first friend that I made in college.

Her name is Anita Miles. She’s a black American who also got admitted to study Industrial Chemistry.

We were both freshers and it was a good start.

Time passed by and we became so close and fond of each other that we eventually dated.

Along the line, I cheated on her by sleeping with a female friend of mine known as Michelle and she eventually found out, got angry and broke up with me.

I begged for her forgiveness after realizing my mistake and we came back together.

We finally graduated from college and she got a nice job as a Chemist in a petroleum company.

Meanwhile, I didn’t bother to apply for a job because I started working on a project immediately after I graduated from college.

I was trying to create an electrical device that would be able to eliminate power surges in electrical settings and also serve as a back-up source for providing electricity if there is an unexpected black out. I had faith in my invention because I believed it would worth billions of dollars when it is finally released into the Tech industry.

All those while I was working on my invention, Anita was the one paying all the bills with her hard earned money. She rented an apartment for both of us to live in. She bought so many things for me due to the fact that I was literally broke and could not afford the basic things I needed because I was not working. She also gave me money on several occasions to fund my project. She barely had any savings because of the heavy amount of money she was spending on me.

The fact that she did all these for me and still believed in me and my invention was what made loved and cherished her a lot more. She was the most kind and humble human I have ever seen on earth.

I promised to buy her a skyscraper mansion and a private Cabin Cruiser if my invention turned out successful.

I eventually married Anita.

As years passed, she began to complain bitterly to me and advised me to go and get a job because my invention wasn’t yielding any progress and she was tired of footing my bills already.

It was at this point she stopped having faith in me and my project.

I eventually started giving her attitude and also became rude to her. I became so focused on my project that I didn’t even care to talk to her or even look at her face.

I just started taking her for granted. Maybe because I just felt our love was reducing day by day or she was just being a huge distraction to me.

She tried to figure out what was wrong with me but my egoistic attitude wouldn’t let her.

She cried bitterly on several occasions because she loved me so much.

However, she eventually reciprocated my actions as she began to show me hatred.

She made it known to me that she regretted everything she has done for me and that I was a failure.

It was at this point that our love slowly began to fade away.

We quarreled and she slapped me multiple times. She also hit me so hard and I didn’t even lay a finger on her.

I’ve never seen Anita this wild and angry before.

She threw me and all my belongings out of her house with immediate effect.

She also did not hesitate to divorce me.

I slept on the streets for about 2 weeks until I eventually saw Michelle driving in her car one fateful day. I yelled her name and she parked immediately.

We hugged and got talking because we lost contact for years. I narrated my story to her and she felt pity for me. She offered to accommodate me in her house and I agreed.

While I was staying with her, I discovered she was still madly in love with me. I thought those feelings must have died back then but it eventually spiked up while I was staying with her.

Michelle was still as pretty as she was back then. She is a single lady and she was working for a multinational company as a branch manager.

3 years passed and my invention became a success in her house.

She used all her influence and connection to promote my invention to the extent that a manufacturing company in Los Angeles offered to pay me 2.5 billion dollars if they partner with me to improvise and upgrade my machine and I accepted the offer.

That was how I became a billionaire instantly.

I eventually married her out of love and I bought her a very huge mansion and a big private Cabin Cruiser. I felt she deserved it because of what she did for me.

I had moved on and totally forgotten about my Ex-Wife Anita because we divorced a long time ago.

Although, I gave my Ex-Wife $ 5 million dollars as a compensation and a gift to say thank you for all you did for me!

My Ex-Wife heard about the news and got jealous, angry and bitter.

One unfortunate day, she ambushed me on the streets and shot my legs 3 times with a pistol and quickly drove off. I was rushed unconscious to a nearby hospital and after several days of series of surgeries, the Doctors decided to amputate my right leg due to the severe damages caused by the bullets.

I began to use crutches as locomotive support.

She eventually got arrested by the police and is currently serving a 10 years jail sentence after being charged with attempted murder.

I visited her in prison one day and asked her why she shot me. She started crying and told me I broke her heart beyond repair. She reminded me of how she had been my support write from time. She also reminded me of how I promised her heaven and earth but gave it all to another woman.

I guess I didn’t give her enough reason to trust me after all.

It was at that moment I started crying. I felt really bad for all the things I did to her in the past.

3 years passed and Anita committed suicide in jail.

This whole issue leaves me down to two questions:

1. Who really deserved to share in my success between both ladies?

2. Between me and Anita, who was totally wrong in their actions?

Kindly drop your comments below

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