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5 Reasons Why You Should Live Stream a Conference




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Every business person understands the importance of conferences.

Organizing them is a great way to exchange knowledge and information, recruit promising employees, create and nurture lasting business relationships, discuss best business practices, and so much more.

As you are probably aware of how conferences can benefit everyone in your company and everyone that your company is in business with, you surely organize these events from time to time. However, in these unprecedented COVID-19 times, it can seem difficult if not impossible to hold a business conference.

Fortunately, not everything is lost. Just like technology has allowed us to stay in touch with those closest to us, it has also allowed various business operations to go on uninterrupted. While social distancing is recommended, we can turn to video conferencing and live streaming to keep us all connected.

With that in mind, the current pandemic is not the only reason why live streaming is a good move for your company. Keep on reading for five more reasons why you should start live streaming your conferences.

Live streaming is very cost-effective

One reason why you should consider live streaming your conferences is the cost of doing such a thing. Organizing a live stream is much more affordable than holding an event in person.

For example, take into account everything that you would have to pay for if you opt for the latter. From finding a venue that can accommodate the number of attendees you are expecting and paying for it to providing the guests with food and drinks and printing brochures and programs, there is a lot to think about. To afford everything, you need a good pricing strategy.

On the other hand, for a live stream, you need a camera, a microphone, a streaming platform, and a good internet connection. If you don’t own any equipment, it is not very expensive and there are many streaming services that are free to use. Therefore, you might not have to make the tickets expensive.

You will attract a bigger audience

Opting for this approach can help you reach and attract a much bigger audience. Having a physical event limits your number of attendees in more ways than one. First of all, you can also welcome international guests that might not be able to attend due to travel costs and restrictions. What is more, having a foreign expert speak at your event is much easier as well. Then, you could be limited by the number of seats that the venue you choose offers.

Additionally, you can also combine the two approaches and increase your audience by allowing both physical and virtual attendees. For instance, book a venue and fill it with guests but live stream the conference at the same time to reach your international guests and those that could not attend in person. That way, you will show people that you are not prioritizing anyone but treating everyone in the same manner.

You can even attract an audience that would normally not attend events like these. The younger generation is used to taking various courses online and they would not find it odd at all to attend a conference over any of the platforms and devices that they use on a regular basis.

Lastly, if you do it properly, not only can you increase your reach but you can also raise brand awareness and build a reputation. However, to do that, finding experts for live stream conferences that will create an unforgettable digital experience for you and your attendees is of the essence.

The conference can be saved and edited

In addition to attracting an audience while your conference is live, you can also consider making it available for a certain period of time after you’re done streaming. Saving the stream will let those who were not able to watch it live to catch up and feel in the loop. Moreover, those who didn’t have a chance to take notes right away can go back and jot down what they’ve learned.

Seeing as how sharing videos is now very common, your conferences might even become a hit on the internet. People might use it as a great example of spreading knowledge and keeping employees and partners in touch with the latest practices.

Furthermore, depending on the platform you choose, you can even edit your conference. For instance, you can cut out any long pauses and add credits or ads.

You have access to analytics

Another great thing about live streaming is that you get access to various analytics. Streaming platforms provide users with statistics on how many people are watching, who it is, how long they have been watching if they are participating, and how many times the video was shared.

Using analytics is vital as it can show you how to adjust your approach to make the next stream even more successful. What is more, you will not have to do any manual headcounts and conjectures, as these services do all the tracking for you. In addition, screen sharing, online chat, and annotations are all available on most web conferencing platforms.

It can help increase your revenue

Finally, live streaming your conferences can also help you increase your revenue. How you might be wondering. For starters, we already said that you can expect more attendees this way. With that in mind, you can earn more money from tickets. Just think about it – a physical venue might allow you to greet a hundred people, for example, but online you can have a few thousand people.

Besides the profit you will make from attendees, you can also generate revenue through sponsorships, online marketing, and simulcasting to other platforms that come with additional costs.

If you often organize conferences for your business, you might not be sure whether live streaming them is the right approach. Hopefully, these five reasons show you that there are multiple ways how you can benefit from making your conferences available online. From increasing your reach and revenue to staying safe during the pandemic, live streaming is the future and you should get with the times sooner than later.

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