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A PHP Micro Framework (LiteFrame by AVONnadozie)




NEWS:  A PHP Micro Framework (LiteFrame by AVONnadozie) [New  Developer] » Naijacrawl
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This is a  lightweight PHP framework built for small and medium scale applications. I will build many apps using this lite frame, easy to use and setup, Credit to  , Note that you can contribute to this project via Github, link Github Here 


Frameworks are great but most are wild; difficult to set up, consume lots of resources, require advanced knowledge of programming or knowledge of everything in some 100-page docs.


Although they have their benefits, it's a lot for a beginner, someone who is new to frameworks or someone simply behind schedule.


A typical setup process on a standard framework looks like this

  • Install composer (If it does not exists)
  • Run composer install
  • Generate app key
  • Configure env
  • Setup and run migration files
  • Configure server document root (I'm sorry if you're on a shared hosting, good luck hacking your way through)
  • And the list continues


LiteFrame is a small (micro) but powerful framework that selectively re-implements basic features of standard frameworks in nonheartbreaking ways.



  •  Fast and lightweight
  •  Easy setup (no shell commands required)
  •  RedBeanPHP - automatically builds your database on the fly. (No migration files required)
  •  Easy Routing
  •  Middleware Support
  •  Commands
  •  Job Scheduling Support
  •  Support for Blade Templating using BladeOne
  •  FlySystem Support (for files)
  •  Data Validation
  •  Modularity
  •  Unit Testing Support

GitHub link Github Here 




Download the latest release here and unzip it. that's all!

Still, need it the Composer way?

composer create-project avonnadozie/liteframe


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I am a software developer, like meeting people and love blogging, that's why I developed naijacrawl because that's what I love doing.

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