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How To Prepare The Popular Afang Soup




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Recipe: How To Prepare Nigerian Afang Soup (Get In Here)

Afang soup retains one of the leading positions being among the most treasured and often-cooked Nigerian soups.

When you have never tried out and prepare this fragrant soup, it is about time to do it. We propose you one of the very most popular recipe of the Nigerian veggie soup. Benefit from the cooking process and undoubtedly, the final result.

Many adore this soup {since it is well prepared with fruit and vegetables, so Afang soup is effective for health, nutritive possesses fiber.

Enough theory, let us start the useful part. Now it is a higher time for the question:

Ingredients for Afang soup:

*. One kilo of fresh water leaves;

*. 0,5 cup of grounded crawfish;

*. 200 grams of fresh Ukazi leaves;

*. Three stock cubes (the one you like best);

*. 1 head of naturally dried fish;

*. 2 not very big fried or better grilled fish;

*. 1,5 cups of palm-oil;

*. One cup of winkles plus one cup of snail (it is optional, so you may add them if you want)

*. Salt and pepper;

*. Several onions;

*. 1 kilo of meat for your taste (chicken, beef, goat).

Recipe for Afang soup:

• Prepare snails and periwinkles: wash periwinkles and snails,

Advice: Try to buy already precleaned periwinkles, usually sellers make all the manipulations. To get rid of the sliminess of snails use juice (lime or grape).

• Wash and bland fresh Ukazi leaves, if in you place you have no possibility to find the fresh leaves, you may freely substitute them by the dried.

• Wash and cut by the kitchen knife water leaves. In the case you do not want your soup to be so watery, just squeeze water leaves before hand and only after add to the soup.

• Wash meat, cut it into the desired slices, put into saucepan.

• Precook the meat with two cubes, chapped onions, pepper and salt.

• Remove the spine of the grilled fish and wash up the head of naturally dried fish. Add ready roasted fish and the head to the meat, process the cooking until is done.

• Pour palm-oil, crawfish, black pepper, salt, snails, and winkles and stew for additional 5 mins

• Add water leaves and stew for another 5 mins before you add Ukazi leaves.

• Stew for additional 5 mins, turn off the heat and leave for several mins.

• Enjoy fragrant Afang soup!

Hope you will like our recipe and fill share it with your friends. Take a chance to find other interesting recipes of Nigerian soups and traditional dishes on our site. Bon Appetite!

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