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Proper prior planning prevents poor performance (P6)




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It is another fresh week gracecd with fresh opportunities. Did the previous week went by with little or nothing to show it?were your goals and aspirations never met? Then join me on the table for a morning coffee, the good news is that you are not alone on this part,and funny as it may sound there's no spirit man behind your ordeals because we have this natural inclination of mystifying things in this part of the world, permit me to say it's more or less part of the fetters holding the African continent captive,but that would be a topic for another day. Below are few workable steps you can consider while planning out the new week:

*Pen down your plans- Research has shown that jotting your plans down comes with some level of benefits ranging from keeping you motivated, aids towards recognizing and processing your emotions,as well as encouraging daily process among other benefits. Do bare in mind that you have got no option than to write it out if you really want it to work.

*Fall back to the map- it is of paramount importance to always revist the drawing board,to effect changes as at and when due, most importantly if need be, by so doing you are sure on top of the situation.

*Have a plan B- its pertinent to note that nothing is fixed as far as life is involved and your plan no matter how calculated is not exempt of this very fact,m change is every where,and one can only learn to adapt,this is the sole reason why plan B is always adviced.

*Patience- patience they say is a virtue; reason being that not everyone can wait. but there is absolutely no reason to rush, once its a workable plan it takes process,just trust the process and give it time sure everything would fall in place.

Finally its a huge opportunity right ahead of us let's go grab it with a smart plan just as the saying goes that proper prior planning prevents poor performance. Do have a blessed week ahead

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