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Coronavirus, the virus that silence miracle healers




NEWS: Coronavirus, the virus that silence miracle healers [New Others News] » Naijacrawl
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In humanity, the essence of spirituality and religion cannot overlooked and their importance to those that absolutely belief in it is immeasurable.

Like other part of the world, the Asia and Africa continent seem to have been largely religiously serious when compare to the other continents.

In Africa, Nigeria has a case study the importance the people on religion is not of this world because an average Nigerian seem to explain event or circumstance from a religious perspective by attributing it to the favour of God or punishment from God. And this have made many Nigerians to be religiously inclined that they tend to give spiritual explanation to all events and that is why the country is fully pack with a lot of religious groups ranging from Christianity, Islam and the traditional way.

However, one of the things that have been tagged as a 'marketing technique' for all these religious groups is the so called 'miracles', that is, the divine response to event or situation that is beyond human analytical comprehension.

The purpose of this article is to talk about the sudden silence of the prominent 'miracle men of God' that have been technically been silent since the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in Africa.

There are always being uncountable times that these "Miracle Men Of God" always claim to have divinely performed a miracle in a crusade or in their churches/Islamic centres etc. They always claim that the blinded people brought to them have been miraculously healed, change in people blood group or genotype, recovery from deadly virus and many other mind blowing miracles with a convincing prophecy to justify the miracle. There are many places in big cities like Lagos, Ibadan, Portharcout etc where people do rush to in order to be a partakes of these diving healings. There are several popular places in Lagos where people do come from overseas in order to experience the divine miracle.

It is important to note that the writer of this article is not trying to rubbish the importance of miracle through divine healing but just being inquisitive about the strange silence of these great men and women of God at this peril time when the universe needs them to rescue humanity from destruction from the so called coronavirus that have paralyzed many activities in the universe. Is divine healing limited to some extent or what because it will be unfair to see humanity due to a virus that its vaccine has not be discovered.

It is high time the miracle men of God through their divine healing power step up to the task of battling the deadly coronavirus if science fails us now.

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