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Story time- MUTUAL EXPERIENCE (sexescapade)episode 1,2,3...&12




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I was in the office soliloquizing about sexcapade with Toluthe question that keeps coming to my mind was what does she want?.

.we have never talk about relationship or has she assume we are dating already? Only time will tell..My conclusion was that, lemme enjoy it till it last. It was almost 7pm when she called me to find out if I was ready to go home and I said yes.we met downstairs and I decided to drive us Tolu:wetyn u and your girlfriend dey talk? Me:who be my girlfriend? Tolu:Abeg shut up dey pretend Me:who be dat now Tolu:Tayo of course Me:Tayo my girlfriend? Wetyn happen nowshe be my colleague now just as u Tolu:Just like me abi. Me:yes now. Tolu:that means she has been giving it to you just like me too Me:what do u mean.. Tolu:u no wat I mean abi u wan tell me say for the past three weeks you guys have been working together you have not had anytyn. Me:wetyn we wan get..lailai, told u am not a hustler now Tolu:I no believe you Me:seriously to God.all our discussion have always been on workwetyn u even take me for sef (forming angry with straight face) Tolu:U don dey vexoya no vex, just to be sure ni Me:Better. Tolu:Why are you passing through Akin Adeshola Me:I wan go troway u inside ocean ni abi u dey fear Tolu:Ocean ke?y I go fear..for your mind.u fits Me:Lolzzz I connected through falomo bridge and came down by the roundabout that separated bourdilon and awolowo rdI turned right to awolowo roadstop at one sweet sensation and asked her to let us relax. We stayed a bit longer at the restaurant gisting about so many things and how it has been without me in the office..she laid so much emphasis on me seeing Tayo which I made her understand we had nothing together and we can never have anytyn in commonIt was already 9pm Tolu:Abeg make we dey go home Me:U don tire? Tolu:Nopewe stayed here long enough make we dey go home abeg Me:Ohk oooo.lets go then but not yet home sha except u have something else you want to go and do at home Tolu:Do at home? Today is Friday work tomorrow Me:we cant say now.bros might be waiting for you at home Tolu:Not tonightwhat about you, madam nko? Me:which madam? Did I tell u I have any madam?. Tolu:u dont need to tell me nowI no ull definitely have somebody somewhere so dont pretend Me:Ohk..if you said so. We moved out of sweet sensation, told her I wanted to make use of the ATM and buy tom tom as I dont like how my mouth was..i found a kiosk, bought tom tom and two pack of ruff ryder without her knowledge, collected 10k for myself and she also withdrew 10k.I parked very close to one filling station after collecting money and instructed her to come Tolu:Where are we going to again.its after 9 already ooo Me:I wan go sell u ni Tolu:U dey crazemy head no fit commot money for you now Me:You think so, lets wait and see now.. Tolu:for your mindif I dey fear anybody, na like you Me:u always dey behave say u get mind.. Tolu:I no get mind ooo but I no u cant hurt me now Me:u can say that againur life is secure with me dear. We entered insomnia night club and the it was already bubbling Tolu:so, u want us to come clubbing and u didnt want to tell me Me:y shud I tell u dat now.remember today is Friday, no work tomorrow.. Tolu:Bad boiwell its been long I do this sha Me:same here


That was how we started digging it in the intention was to stay for a while and leave the club around 11-12pm but Tolu was already thinking the other way round and before I knew it, it was already 1pm. We had to wait a little before moving as its very easy to move around in VI around that time but moving at that odd hour on the mainland can mean something else if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. She got tired around 3pm, we decided to chill inside the car.we wind up, put on the AC, while she slept on my lap at the back with my hand resting on her bweast. Didnt take long before it was 4am.i tapped her and ask her to come to the front and lets go..we moved out of Ikoyi and straight to Surulere, she was all asleep throughout our journey. I got to kilo roundabout around quarter to five and woke her up Me:babe, come and drive homewe are in kilo Tolu:ahan you are not even romantic at all.i cant drive ooo, cant u take me home Me:But I dont know nyour house now Tolu:But you know your way to start going, I will tell u once we get to my house Me:that means u have to open your eyes so that I no go carry you pass house Tolu: ohkjust be going abeg MeLcontinue moving)..sleepy sleepy baby Tolu: thank you, no be you carry me go club.. Me:and u didnt enjoy it ba Tolu:I did now.just turn can park infront of that house Me:are we there? Tolu:Yes .. Me:so, have your key and let me be on my way.. Tolu:You can come inside now..abi who dey pursue Me:come inside ke? Tolu:yes now(push me towards her gate) Me:I hope am save sha. Tolu:Noyou are notolodo That was how I entered her compoundher room is just beside the main house which was a storey building and it was a room and parlour self containshe closed the door behind us and the first thing that came up to my mind was why will she be staying all alone cos with what I was seeing, didnt look as if there was another person staying in that house with her. She off her cloth and threw them on the chair remaining her bra and pant..what a beauty to behold irrespective of how tired I was, that didnt stop Dickson from responding.she off her bra and pant, went straight to the bathroom.what else will I be waiting for? I pull off all my cloth and head straight to the bathroom..i held her from behind holding her bweast as soap was still on her face.. Tolu: I know u will come..u no dey sitdown where dey put u Me:how will u leave a visitor all alone in your room Tolu:wetyn make I do Me:Dickson already hard behind her ass I cant just resist your beauty Tolu:I hear umy beauty abi my kitty cat Me:your kitty cat is not the priority but your beauty. Tolu:I hear u.. I took my bath with her with hot romance, bweast sucking and lovely kisses..we moved out of the bathroom and I back her to the sitting room then to the main room on Tolu:ooooo ma gbemi subu ooo (dont fall me down ooo) Me:you wont fall down are safe. We continued from where we stopped in the bathroom, she jerk my dick while I was sucking bweastI interchange between the bweast at interval and I concentrated more on romance as I realised I might not be able to go longer with bleeping cos I was seriously tired.I went to the sitting room after like 5mins, took the ruff ryder and continue from where I stoppedI handle the bweast and finger bleep the kitty cat to stupor till she started begging me to dig in my Dickson.pls I need you baby..pls baby.bleep me baby..i wore cd on Dickson and went straight on missionary style.was going up and down, faster and digging so hardI was going non stopyes baby, yes baby..i love you baby.yes. She said promise you love me baby I responded hun..promise you wont leave me u love me baby? hun..yes.i was jacking real hard and faster.after like 10mins..its ohk baby, pls I am tiredam tired responded to her pls baby, lemme come plsI started going slowly on her and she held me close to her body and I came after like a minutewe both smiled at each other..we stood up, went to bathroom, took another bath and straight to bed unclad both of us, it was already 6:00pm.


I woke up around after 10am, clean my faceand put on my cloth..Me:I will like to be on my way.Tolu:streching..wont u eat before leaving?Me:I will go and do that wen I got home.I left tolus place and got to my housearound after 11.a msg came into my phoneas I was stepping into my wasfrom mrs juliet describing the venue of thebirthday party to me in ikoyi and shefollowed it up with a call

Mrs juliet:hello snakie, did u see my msg

Me:yes ma.just saw it now

Mrs juliet:so, I shud b expecting u by 4pm

Me:I will try ma

Mrs juliet:not try, I want u 2 b there

Me:no problem ma.

Which kind tyn b dis one now..abeg I noget tym for all this I said to myself..nasleep sure passI toasted 3 bread andsettled it with a fanta den slept off againaround past 12. I woke up around after 3,took my bath and was relaxing when mrsjulliet called again asking if I was on my wayalready and she was able to convince me tocome..I was just doing sluggish afterreceiving the callI finish dressing uparound 4:30pm putting on my finnest dressand stepped out of the roomdue to someishh on the road, I didnt get to the venue tillalmost 6pmonce I got to the venue Idecided to pitch my tent in a coded area, Isaw mrs juliet whinning and dinning aroundbt I decided to free was after about30mins dat she walked pass where I wasthat I tapped her and greeted her..Mrs juliet:ahhh snakiewhen did u comeMe:like an hour laterMrs juliet:and u didnt call meMe:I realised u were a bit busy so dont wantto disturb uMrs juliet:have u taken ma (big men party sweet die, wetynu want wey no dey there..evrytyn fullground that u dont need to ask, I waswowed with wat I saw and I dreamt ofbecoming big in my career one day)Mrs juliet: thats goodpls hold this mywallet for me, I will com and collect itlater.deyungz.comwhich kind wahala b dis? Delay tactics, mewey wan sneak commot.I collected fromher.It was already to eight when I saw mrs julietand told her I will like to be going homeMrs juliet:did u come with your car?Me:am not mobile maMrs juliet:how will u now goMe:public transport maMrs juliet:why not wait a bit lets go togetherabi u have something so urgent andimportant you want to go and do at home?

Me:notyn really ma

Mrs juliet:then wait nowjust gimme like30mins

Me:ohk ma.then I will be waiting outsise

Mrs juliet:outside ke?

Me: yes ma

Mrs juliet:will u stay in my car and wait fome then..Me:I guess dat wIll be a good idea

Mrs juliet:lets go to where I park then


She moved out and I followed her, sheparked somewhere a bit far to the mainentrance of the house cos of traffic, sheopened her land cruiser jeep with the carkey, I entered, she put on the ac for me andplead that I shud wait for was notup to 30mins that I was in the car that Isaw soneone that looked like tayo huggingsomeone beside a car in a coded cornerpassionately and the person was holding herby her waist(this babe is a biatch olorun) be sure my eyes is not deceiving me, Icame down from the car and looked verywell..they gisted for like 5minutes beforethe guy left her and she was still standingthere.I walked towards where she was andshe was surprisedTayo:what are you doing hereMe:I was invited here by this people nowTayo:and u didnt tell me?Me:did u tell me too?Tayo:no vex ooooMe:who among dem come invite you.deyungz.comTayo:All of themMe:hmmmmmI guess it was mr kunleTayo:you are not ...People have started going and flashing theirfull lite on us on the road..Me:pls lets move out of d road abegTayo: ohk..we walk down to the front of a house wheredey planted trees.we stood in between twotrees that was covering us u wont evenknow pple were there as there was no lightexcept some people who put on theirgenerators..I held her hand as we walkthrough to the placeMe:you aint looking bad oooo tayoTayo:I hear u.Me:if no be say we are colleagues I for deycarry u home ni ooooTayo:carry me nowoleMe:I just wishTayo:wish wat.what do u wishMe:I wish to kiss ur lovely lipsTayo:my lips? (she kissed me)..lobatan,wish grantedwhat else..... so fastTayp:you said kiss what elseMe:oya wait.I moved forward with my lips and startedkissing hershe responded and kissed meback, this lasted for like 2mins.Tayo to oga (e don do bros) ..remainsmall for my husband abegMe:you are not seriouswhos ur husbandif not meTayo:hehehehe.husband indeed..if demcatch uMe:make dem kuku catch me thenWe started kissing all over again and I wasbold enough this time around to touch herbreast.I was kissing and handling at thesame tym..Tayos breast was soft andsucculent.our romance had not lasted for3minutes when her fone started ringingTayo:I have to go kunle is callingme, hes dropping me as I didnt come withmy carMe:ohk.Tayo:how are you going? You can come andjoin us nowMe:dont worry, I will find my way abeg.Tayo:ohk.I will call u once am homeMe:no pShe walk through the tree part and cameout beside kunles car and entered thecar.I was just looking at her and for mymind, I guess she actually kissed andromance me in order to erase any doubt onmy mind as regards her dating kunle butwhich one be my ownsome kitty cat arelike local firewood stove where anybody caninput their firewood and whenever yourfirewood burnt finish another person will puthis ownsome can even take up to fivefirewood at the same time all all burning atdifferent rate whereby the firewood in thestove is regarded as the final husband...


Mrs Juliet joined me in the car not too longwhen I got very sorry for thedelay she saidno problem ma Iresponded to her and we started movingMrs Juliet: So, what tym did u arrive here

Me:Around 5:30-6pmMrs Juliet: And u didnt call my attentionMe:It was late before I see you cos I hardlynoticed youMrs Juliet: How..Me:You are looking so different maMrs Juliet:In what way..Me:Sincerely, you look like a chick with youroutfitMrs Juliet:Sweet sixteen I guessMe:Even less than thatand your beautykill it allMrs Juliet:You dont mean it.Me:Am serious Ma.On a normal day if Imeet you outside, I would have startedtoasting you before realising you are not myage mateMrs Juliet:You are not, if I askyou to guess my age what will you sayMe:Late thirties I guess.Mrs Juliet: lolzzznow u see, you are fallingfor my physique and stature alreadyMe:yes ma..cos ur beauty says it all andyour physique is awesome..i wish my wifecan also be like this so that we can enjoyourselves for longMrs Juliet:Am in my early fourties very closeto fourty fiveMe:And I guess your next birthday will beyour 45th.Mrs Juliet: Yes of cos{RATE ME} Me: Thats good Ma..i so much love yourstature Ma....You look gorgeoustonight, I hope daddy tell u dat beforeleaving homeMrs Juliet: He was not home when I leftMe:ehn ehn.Mrs Juliet: He travelled to Abuja o abusiness trip since lastweek, he suppose tocome back today but he called me earlier inthe day that his return will be on Mondaydue to some delayMe:ohkso no one assessed you? Well havedone that on his behalf lookgorgeousMrs Juliet: Thank you my dear.She was just smiling all through ourconversation till we connected through Thirdmainland bridge and yaba, then somethinghappened when we got to sabo yabaroundabout close to the pedestrianbridge.A danfo coming from the other siderammed into us madam match breakimmediately and I almost hit my head on thewindscreen and same to her tooI was soscared, thank God there was no other carclose to us from behind, it would have beensomething else. While still trying to getoursef, the yeye driver that rammed into usstarted ranting and saying all sort of thingsand zoomed offmadam sorry..heyyahso sorryhes an edioot thats howthey behavethank God you are nothurt..those are the words we are hearingfrom people.We came down from the carand madam was limping already, wechecked through the car and everytyn wasohkMe:That guy is an ediot

Mrs Juliet:Hes something else

Me:and he just zoomed off without thinkingof what happened to us.

.Mrs Juliet: U no them now..maybe he hassmoked what they use to smoke

Me:we thank God for our lifeMrs Juliet: Pls take the car key, I cant drive,my leg and chest is aching

Me:No problem ma. Pls lets go ma.I moved to the drivers seat and starteddriving, Mrs Juliet said i should passthrough stadium and drop her home thenshe will ask someone to drop me when weget to her house at the nearest place I canget a bus to my house...


As we were moving close towards her area,we realized everywhere was silent and nottoo much people on the roadI asked ifthats how their area was and madamresponded that though its not always noisybut not that empty.we continue movingand suddenly we started hearing soundMe:This sound like gun shotMrs Juliet: Gun shot for where.Continuegoing jhoor..The sound continued as we moved forward,then we saw like 3-5 people running backfrom the other side.they couldnt evenwait to ask what was happening, madamstarted saying I should move faster that itslike something is wrong in the area..sheplaced a call to someone that I guess wasthe gateman and instructed him to stayclose to the gate as shes close to thehouse.We got to her place within 3mins, I hornonce and the gateman opened the gate aswe enter.Mrs Juliet: Whats happening IbrahimIbrahim: I heard its the Agbero in lawansonMrs Juliet:Whats happening to them?Ibrahim: They said they killed one of themand the other faction is retaliating the deathMrs Ibrahim: Na wah oooIbrahim:They started since around after sixMrs Juliet:Its ohk..just go back to yourpostlock the gate very well ooooIbrahim:Ohk MaMrs Juliet:Pls come with me snakie, lets goinsideMe: I think I need to be going ma, its latealready, this is after nineMrs Juliet:Going ke, when u hear about whathas been happening in this area abi u getphotocopy of your life at homeMe:lolzzzMrs Juliet:Just come inside and wait, letssee if it will go down a bit so that you canstart going or better still u stay till tomorrowmorning before going, tomorrow is SundaynowMe:Yes maMrs Juliet: And there is no work.i willsuggest u stay till tomorrow cos so manythings are involve nowpolice might be onthe road arresting people and you getarrested mistakenly or those people mightstill be fighting seriously, stray bullet wontmeet us IJNMe:Amen Ma.I followed her inside, the duplex was a wellfurnished one and saying that they havetaste was an understatement. Money wasspent on the house. I sat on the two seaterlooking around at the pictures hanged onthe wall, madam has two daughters andtheir family pictures and individual oneswere all around the sitting room (Mrs Juliethusband must be big I said to myself).Deborah.Deborah..Deborah, abi she donsleep ni madam asked.Deborahwalked in from one of the room.Deborah isa matured lady with an average height,bweast was average and the ass was theretoo, beautiful in her own wayI waswondering if she was an house help or notas she looks clean.Mrs Juliet: Na wah oooso, you aresleeping already without seeing meDeborah: I slept off mistakenly maMrs Juliet:ehn..if I dont die u no even deyconcern..Deborah:laughingI no u cant die nowMrs Juliet:I hear u.Abeg get me water,this is my cousin, he will be sleeping heretonight cos of the wahala happening in ourareahe brought me home and suppose togo backGo and prepare the visitors roomfor him plson my mind, cousin ke? Its good sha as Ino want wahala)Deborah: Ohk Ma.what will you like to takesirMe:Am ohk.But if I can get water tooMrs Juliet: U wont eat foodMe:Am filled up ma.water is ohk for meMrs Juliet: even me too..Please gimmesome few minutes, I will be back soon, plsfeel free, you are homeMe:Ohk Ma.Deborah put on the TV for me and put it onchannel O, I couldnt help but stare on herstanding bweast and ass..she wasnt puttingon any bra. She went back to her inside,came back 5mins later and saidDeborah: Your room is ready, its the lastone there..Me:Ohk. come

Madam was already limping down from thestairs putting on her nighties. The nightieswas a short gown rolled over her body witha rope to tie them together by the edge ofher stomach..her cleavage was showing justlittledamn mrs Juliet is gorgeousnaturally

Mrs Juliet:Is the visitors room readyDeborah:Yes Ma..

Mrs Juliet:So, you want to go and sleep bethat

Deborah: Smiled, yes ma

Mrs Juliet: Good night

Deborah: Good night Ma

Mrs Juliet: Hope you are ohk snakie?

Me:Am fine Ma

All my eyes and thought was on deborah asshe walk back to her room.I was alreadyfantasizing on how her dangling bweast willlook like in my mouth.


MUTUAL EXPERIENCE(sexescapade)........EPOSODE (07).....HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!... don't forget to join us nd get ur updates on

She picked up her phone that was on thetable.Mrs Juliet:lemme even see all thesepictures this guy snapped todayShe started going through her phonesayingso many things whenever she scroll to one..she was just doing that all alone while Iconcentrated on my musical channelMrs Juliet: Come and see somethingsnakiecome, come, come and seeI moved closer to where she seated.Me:lolzzzzso, actually dig it seriouslyhard like this, I missed oooMrs Juliet:I never knew the yeye boy wascapturing the video..i only asked him totake pictureMe:lolzz..its lovely shaif you can dancelike this, I wonder wat your dancing step willbe like when you are youngerMrs Juliet: Me? I use to dance very wellooooMe:It shows ma..Mrs Juliet: see me..see mehehehehe, thisboy nay yeye, he just dey capture everytynMe:atleast the memory will be there ma..Mrs Juliet:I will definitely transfer all theseto my laptopMe:Where is the laptop lemme help you withthat..Mrs Juliet: I even forgot you are here sefIts upstairs, lemme go and bring it for youMe:Ohk maMrs Juliet:Or lets even go sef, come andcollect it.Me:Ohk.I followed her like mumuWe walk straight upstairs, there was anothermini sitting room upstairs, I guess thatswhere they use to relax if they dont want tocome down, I sat down on a chair, theres acouch for resting, she laid down on that onejust beside mewent inside her room tobring the laptop, I put it on.Me:Password maMrs Julliet: Jullie74Me:ohk manaijacrawl.comI located the cable and started thetransfer.she brought out one ointment andstarted rubbing it on her leg.Me:Am done Ma.Mrs Juliet: Everytyn transferredMe:yes ma..i even do the back up of allwhat you have on your foneMrs Juliet: Hey yah.Thank You so muchdear.Me:Can I help you with that ma.Mrs Juliet: Ahhhthank you very muchI collected the ointment from her hand, rubit on my palm and started from her feet, sherelaxed her back very well and closed hereyes the moment I started rubbing my handon her legI was using my two hands tohandle one leg one after the other to herkneesafter like five minutes, she said Ishould move a bit upward to her thigh.Iapplied the ointment on my palm and startedall over again..I started rubbing my handon the thigh, my two hand on each thighmassaging them religiously andromantically.with courage I started movingmy hands upwardmadam eyes were stillclosed and all her hands stretched downthe ediot Dickson was already hard insidemy jean.little by little, my hand wastotally up, I realised madam was not puttingon any pant, I started rubbing my hand onher topmost part and using my hand tobrush down her clean, neat kitty cat tipthat was my concentration and after a while,I will use my hand to tickle the kittycat..madam eyes were still closed withjust uhmmm anytym my hand tickled herkitty cat..After a while, madam gave me asign pointing to her chest and removed myhand from down.i understand what shewas saying, I started massaging her chestand didnt even take me up to two minuteswhile massaging her chest before I dig myhand inside her bweastI will rub it fromchest to the top of her bweast, Iencouraged myself by going fully on thebreast once and for allI rubbed my hand onit from top to down locating her Tip and Iwill play with it a bit before moving my handup again.Madam eyes were still closed andstill responding with uhmmmm.I continued with one hand and use the otherhand to loose the rope which served ashook to the nighties from her sideways..itried to pull out the rope to free the clothfor my surprise, madam adjusted herwaist for me to do that.Mrs Juliet was sofresh that my Dickson raised so hardimmediately and I was tempted.I kneltdown in between her legs,I started playingwith the Tips and handling of breast, Iplaced my mouth on the right bweast andstarted sucking while playing with the otherTips..uhmmmmmm.uhmmmmmmmuhmmmmmm..i was sucking like a toddlerwho have missed his mothers bweast forlike a yearI continue sucking the bweastinterchangeably and suck her body tooImoved my mouth downward to her kitty catand placed my tongue onit.Yesh.ahhhhh uhmmm..yesshepressed my head with her thighs so tight, Imoved my hand upward to her two Tipsplaying with them, my tongue was doing thejob down diligently.After a while, I releasedmy hand from up, removed my belt and pulldown my jean, I quickly removed cd from myback pocket and wore it..It was only myshirt on me.I came back to sucking the bweast all overagainand finger bleeping her.wet is anunderstatement..the couch and madamnighties was already filled up with her cumshe jack my Dickson while I was stillsucking her bweast trying to pull my Dicksontoward her kitty cat..Now its the righttime to strike..i moved straight from mykneeling position and inserted Dickson insideher kitty catI held her waist and was goingslowlyuhmmmmmuhmmmmmuhmmmm..yesI started going faster after awhile and was bleeping her hard withoutmercy.madam tune changed..yesamdeadyesplsplspls..pls.yes yesyes..I started jerking one by one diggingdeep inside her counting one to ten.i wason the third attempt when she sit upsuddenly with if she couldntbreath again, I was scared but she broughther mouth to me and started kissing meIrelaxed and kissed back.i fondled bweastand was kissing passionatelyI pull herdown and laid flat on her and started goingon the missionary style and wasfaster.madam couldnt even make anysound again, all I could see was a sigh ofenjoyment from hereverywhere was extraordinarily wet, my shirt and her nightieswere wet totally..i laid flat on her after awhile and I was already coming.i cameand relaxed on her. For the first time,madam open her eyesMrs Juliet: You have come finallyMe:lolzzzMrs Juliet: Hope u are on condomMe:DefinitelyMrs Juliet:Datz gooddeyungz.comMe:Lolzzz.She kissed me and I respondedMrs Juliet: Thank you so much and Godbless you..Thank YouMe:smiled.


I removed Dickson, changed my cd andinserted it back in her kitty cat, I wanted tostart going again when she said Am ohk,pls dont kill me abeg, ahan..bleeping melike a 20year old girlI relaxed totally on her while she held me sotight to herself with her handDickson wasstill hard inside her nd I was playing withher kitty cat with my Dickson..she was justenjoying the moment as we startedgistingMrs Juliet: How long have you been doingthisMe:Bleeping?Mrs Juliet:Yes..bleeping someone older thanyouMe:have never done it before..this is myfirst timeMrs Juliet:Are u sure?Me:Yes GodMrs Juliet: So, what prompted you to do itknowing fully well that I have grown upchildren of your ageMe:seriously, I dont know..All I know isthat I couldnt resist youMrs Juliet:Resist me? But I never seduceyou nowMe:Your beauty did Ma..I cant just stoplooking at you the moment you came downafter bathing..Your beauty is enchanting ma I started digging slowly again going up anddownbleeping her all over.This lastedfor another two minutes as she was justmoaning silently with hmmmmmmhmmmmmmm..i stopped afterwards andstill relaxed Dickson inside herMrs Juliet: AhnU said my beauty andbody enchanted youMe:Yes baby, Your body is perfect andfresher than most of this young ladiesMrs Juliet:U no even get respect, uvestarted calling me baby alreadyMe:Am sorry Ma.Mrs Juliet: Dont worry, I like it, tell me another thing you likeabout meMe: Ur kitty cat is the sweetest I have evertasted.Mrs Juliet:You and this your mouthehn.You are not even scared of myhusband and childrenMe:You told me hes not coming back tillMonday and I know your children are nothomeMrs Juliet: You are smart.i like you..letsgo and take our bath plsthe one we did isohk before you kill an old woman like meMe:Point of correctionYou are still achick..Mrs Juliet:Stand up jhoorShe adjusted her dress, moved downstairsto off the light and tv, on her way comingupstairs, I lifted her up straight to the roomshe brought out the laptop from and wetook our bath.we slept afterwards and didone more round very early in the morningbefore sleeping again.I woke up around after 8, took my bath andmadam also didshe gave me one BYC topto wear as my shirt was nothing to writehome about again.Breakfast was servedfor us on the dinning and I tried to relax abit before going, I couldnt stop starring atdeborah physique..told her I will be going by11am and she said no problem. It wasaround after 10 when someone knocked onthe door.Two ladies walk in and one wasarguably older than the other, I realised theface of her daughter actually look familiarMe:I will like to be goingMrs julliet:ohkmeet my daughterlovelyn.this is my colleague snakieMe:hi lovelynLovelyn:hiMe:you look familiar..did u attend HolySavious college?Lovelyn:yes, I left in jss2Me:ehn ehn.have been looking at your picson the wallso, u dont remember me,snakie that was sitting beside ikechukwuway back then..that I use to disturb u andsing for you thenLovelyn:ahhh, its you oooo.youre now big Icant even recognize you if not you aresaying it nowMe:Even you, you are now a big gehMrs juliet:so, u guys actually know eachother (for the first time, there was a bit ofguilt on her face)Lovelyn:Dont mind him oo mummy, he wasthe troublesome guy I always reported toyou then while I was in Holy SaviourscollegeMrs juliet:then you can always beat himback now.Me & lovelyn:laughedLovelyn:lemme have ur number pls.(MrsJuliet facial expression says it all)Me:08137140110Lovelyn:am flashing u now.Me:so, wat are you doing now?Lovelyn:rounding up my youth service nextmonthMe:datz goodam already on my waybefore you cameLovelyn:we will talk on fone dont worryMe:ohk..Mrs julliet:pls take thishanding me anenvelopMe:dont worry ma.thank youMrs juliet:take jhoor, you are not seriousI collected the enveloI. pe, counted it on myway going home and its was 20k.Ismiled and was very satisfied...

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I collected the envelope, counted it on myway going home and its was 20k.Ismiled and was very satisfied.I saw Deborah at the gate as i was going,she gave me a wonderful smile, i waved her,She asked for my cellphone number andsince shes someone have been havingcrush on, i gave her my number and sheflashed me. I became very hungry when igot home, i quickly rushed to a nearby fastfood to refreshen myself because its noteasy bleeping an elderly woman like Mrs.Juliet.Lovelyn called me at night, we spoke andgisted for some minutes, after someminutes, mrs juliet called me and wasasking how am doing and also thanking mefor the way i treated her, she confessed shehadnt felt that way for long, that she cam 4good times while i was bleeping her, i wasblushing and for my mind, i said I neverstarti go Bleep Deborah and Lovelyn she told me not to go closer to her daughterooooo if i love myself.My conversation between i and deborah hadgrown after some days to the extent that,she sends me smss and how she missedme and how she wouldnt wait to see me. Igave her my address and she promised tocome on friday night, i asked Mrs. Jullietwould allow her, she said she already toldher shes going for night vigil.I was happy to hear that and was thinkinghow her pusssssy would grib my dick. I wasresting on my couch when i heard a knockon the door.Me: who be dat?Deborah: its me DeborahMe: wow, you actually made itDeborah: before nko.i miss you so muchMe: reallyDeborah: been thinking about you since theday you left our houseMe: smiling, i knew what she wantedDeborah: am so tired and hot, and i need torelaxMe: feel free dearie..Deborah: thanks snakieShe was free and she took off her cloth andshe was left with only her spag and herbombshot.i couldnt resist her, she got thisnice body shape and a very endowedbreast i was just staring at her and mydick has started disturbing me to allow himoutta the cage.We sat beside each other, and the smell ofher body made my head scatter, she mustbe using an expensive body spray, i took herhand and began to play with herfingers.she started smiling and teasing metoobefore i knew itwe have startedkissing.she locked up my tongue with hersthat i couldnt breath well.I began to robb her body and playing withher ear. I took off her spag and her brawithout wasting much time, as i grab herbreast and i began to suck them like icecream, she would hold my head and moanaaaarrrr stag.please dont stop, i locatedher clit and i was robbing it and at thesametime sucking her breastthe pressureincrease and was begging me to pleaseBleep very well.I removed her short and panties.she wasdamn wet and drippingi began to fingerBleep her.and she was responding to mystrokes, did that for some minutes.took acondom from the edge of my bed. I shiftedher to the edge of my bed.placed on ofher legs on my window protector so that ican have a full and straight penetration.iwas already seeing the reddish part of herKitty-Catwhich turned me on the more.I began to robb my dick on her clit.sheclosed her eyes and was saying things i donot understand, but i could hear somethinglike, please Bleep me baby.i inserted mydick slowly without full penetrationshebegan to jerk, i continue teasing her in thatmanner.she held my dick and said pleaseBleep me and stop maltreating me baby.I inserted my dick fully, she moanarrrrhhhhhso i began to Bleep her slowlyand she was robbing my chest and suckingmy Tips and interval because i squatted. Ibegan to hit her harder and fasteri couldfeel my dick touching her center of gravityand she became very wet.She was enjoying it and i decided give herthe finishing stylei started robbing her clitwhile i was bleeping her real hardyessssyessss yessss baby.i love you ooooo..iknew you would be a good fucker the veryday i saw you..youre doing me arrrrrhhhhhwas was smoochingher breast and licking her lipsthe thing dosweet her sotay she begin shake.babyyesssss am there.please let me entertake me home baby..this turned me on andmakes me wanna cum with hershe finallycame but i havent so i didnt stop. I beganto Bleep her harder and robbing her clit aswellbefore i knew it if felt something hotand odourlessshe just squirttedi cameafter some strokes.Deborah: Thank you baby, youve just mademy dayMe: youre welcomeWe gisted for some hours before fallingasleep.


I got home, eat and slept off again..i wokeup around 4pm and started preparing for theweekAfter like an hour, I picked up myphone to call Mrs Juliet and Thank her..Icalled the first time she didnt pick, retryagain then I heard a voiceLovelyn:HelloMe: Hello (Thank God I didnt say baby).Guess this is lovelyLovelyn:Yeah.snakie I guess tooMe:How did you know am the oneLovelyn:your name showed now and Ipicked cos u are the one, I dont pick mymums call ordinarily except for someone IknowMe:ohkwhat about mummyLovelyn:Shes been sleeping since oooGuess its the hangover of the party shewent to yesterdayMe:maybe shashe need rest nowLovelyn:Abi oooMe:So, watz up with youhow come you arestill servingLovelyn:long story jare, after I left holysaviours in jss2, I was returned back to jss1in my new school, I finished secondaryschool, stayed one year at home beforedoing DE and eventually crossing to 200levelfor a 5year course, after graduation,mobilization for NYSC was not on time toothat was how I found myself where I amnowMe:hey wasnt too late now, sowhich state are uLovelyn:Ogun state, we actually wantedlagos but the thing didnt work out and ogunstate was the nearest placeMe:whats the difference between Ogun andLagos state?Lovelyn: Abi ooo..I hope you dont look forpeoples trouble againMe:lolzzz..U know it cos I wanted u thatwas why I always disturb u thenI haveforeseen you will be a beauty queen whenwe grow upLovelyn:I don hear you jhoor..Me:Your guy will definitely be a lucky oneLovelyn:You can say that againMe:Pls help me mummy I called when shewake upLovelyn:No problemMe:When are you going back to ogun stateLovelyn:Tomorrow oor Tuesday dependingon when daddy comes to you laterLovelyn:Thank You.I ended the call and try to relax and hopingfor start of work on Sunday, madam calledme later in the evening saying lovelydelivered my message to herMrs Juliet:what other things did u discusswith lovely?Me:Notyn ma.i only ask after youMrs Juliet:Hope u know anytyn between usis confidentialMe:U dont need to tell me that Ma, whenam not a kidMrs Juliet:Better..and never try anytyn sillywith my gehMe:Not at all MaI understand what you aredriving at MaMrs Juliet:Its better you understand cos itsgood for us to be this way and you will notwant to see my other sideMe:I promise you Ma.Am not that kind of aguyMrs Juliet:I will take you for your word andkeep tab on you guys tooMe:Its not up to that maMrs Juliet:Its up to that ooooIs it nowyou? Snakie with sugar coated mouth.Me:No problem Ma I promise.I started thinking of the kind of problemhave put myself into but I truly wantedLovelyn as she fits into my kind of lady butwith the attack her mother is ready to giveme, I dont think I can make any move againbut that shouldnt stop me from Deborah if Ihave the chance. I called Tolu and Tayo toknow how they were doing and they bothcomplained I didnt call them but told them Iwas busy.It was around 11pm when I got another callfrom thing led to the other, westarted having phone intimacy, even though Iwas not doing anytyn, I instructed her to bedoing lot of things from finger bleepingherself to different things.the call lastedfor almost two hours and I guess madamactually enjoyed it..I made up my mind toturn madam to something else she will everthink of sexually even though I dont know ifshe ever exploded sexually like that before.come to think of it, she never discussabout the job with me againwasbleeping me all her plan in the first place ?she never even engage me in the jobconversation nor introduce me to anybodyat the party. Even at that, I never knew Iwill sleep at her placeI guess it was faithand God granted her own wish too...Rate our effort to get to the end . don't forget to get updates, like nd comment on our posts...


Here comes Monday morning at our usualmeeting, it was agreed that Akin and Toluwill be the one to support the client for theweek but Tayo will go with them for the firstday so that they can be familiar with thingsand people around. Better atleast that willsave me from seeing Mrs Julliet as she willappreciate me more if she doesnt haveaccess to me all the time. www.naijacrawl.comI concentrated on the assignment BJ gaveme and nothing really much to do as I wasthe only major consultant in the office asideother admin staffsas if Mrs Juliet readmy though, she called me asking for thereason why I was not in their office, told herits our management decision..she asked ifwe could see later in the evening after workand I said no problemask when she willclose and she said she will call me anythingfrom 6pmtold her I usually close by 5pmbut she said I should just wait for her.Ireason that even if I closed by 5pm, it willalmost be 6pm before I get to marina. Tayoalso beep me up to ask how I will be movingif I can come meet her in Marina..told hernot to worry that I will find my way,moreoever we will see in the office thefollowing day.I closed early and headed straight to marina,I entered the Mr biggs opposite CSSBookshop and called madam that I wasthereshe said I should give her like 10minsthat she will meet me therejust like shesaid, she called me that she was outside, Iwent out and hop into her carMrs Juliet:Sorry, we can go inside there, mystaffs might be coming in thereMe: No problem mawe turn back to onikan and entered swebar we ordered for drinks and continue ourgistingMrs Juliet:So, how was your dayMe:fine Baby..Mrs Juliet:Fine baby, if my husband catchu..u no even dey fear..How did u comeMe:I entered bus..told you am not mobileyetMrs Juliet:Wetyn u dey do with all your fatsalary..i guess its all those girls collectingall your moneyMe:Not really ma..still contributing to buya car but my money will be complete soonMrs Juliet:So, how much do u have now.Me:Like 150-200k shaMrs Juliet: Is it bicycle you want to buyMe:LolzzzzMrs Juliet:Which bank do u useMe:Broad Bank ..Mrs Juliet: And your accountnumber...Me: heart beating faster3878356290Mrs Juliet: Pls gimme a minutes.She picked up her phone to call a guy..shewas just asking about different cars andtheir prices..she dropped the call andcontinue pressing her phone.then myphone beep with a message sound.ichecked it, it was a credit alert of 1M, noname but only description and somenumberMrs Juliet:Thats 1MI will give youchinedus number, he said he have onetokunbo EOD for that amount.You can pickit up with him tomorrow.Me:Thank you ma..thank you so much ma.(wanted to kneel down)Mrs Juliet:Dont embarrass me abeg, we arein a public place plsMe:Thank you so much MaGod bless youMa.Mrs Juliet: Dont mentionbut rememberwhat I told u yesterday?Me:Whats that Ma.Mrs Juliet: Dont mess with my daughter, itsstill better the way we are like this, youwont want to see my other side.Me:I already promise you Ma.Mrs Juliet:Thats better..lets go pls, its after8 alreadyWe stood up, collected the car key frommadamI was over happy, one millionnaira richer, no be small thing ooooJusttwo months at this new work, am already acar owner..wait ooo am into sugar mummyruns?


MUTUAL EXPERIENCE(sexescapade)... Episode(12).🔥🔊

We got to the car and she enteredinsteadof to start the car immediately, I drew herneck closer and started kissing her, sheresponded as we kissed passionately.Me:Thank you so much baby.Mrs Juliet:stop thanking me, itsnothing..we will enjoy each other so far ucan keep to my ruleMe:No problem MaI drove her close to her street (like 3 streetbefore her street) as she gave me 5k fortransport againwe kissed again and dosome finger bleeping and serious bossomsucking that lasted for almost 30mins butno actual bleeping..The next thing now ishow to tell people where I got money fromto buy carwill buying the car not meaning Iwill start living beyond my status?..Work resumed the following day with Tayoresuming to the office..It was business asusual, I called chinedu that someone gaveme his contact, he said I should come andmeet him somewhere around igbosere andsee some carsI seek excuse from BJ that Iwas not feeling fine and need to see thedr..she asked me to go and probably gohome afterwards to relax. Met Chinedu, weboth went to where the cars was anddecided to go for the EOD, I paid him in thebank..thank God we are using the samebank and it was just a transferI had toreason to doubt him as I believe madamtrusted him that was why he recommendedhim..i gave him more money for processingof other document which he said everythingwill be ready latest by Thursday. I toldmadam all what was happening and shesaid I shouldnt worry as chinedu was atrusted partner. I went home with full joythat day knowing that I was already a carowner.My neighbor decided to drop me on theisland on Wednesday morning; I got to myoffice as early as 6:30 instead of normal8am. To my surprise I already met Tayo inher office putting on skirt and shirt..Me: wetyn happen Tayo? U no sleep forhouse (I closed the door behind me)Tayo: No mind me jareI woke up early anddecided to start coming to workMe:hey neighbour dropped mesomewhere here too thats why am hereearlyTayo:ohk. Me:good morning. ..Tayo:good morningMe:is dat how you will greet me? (stretchingmy hand forward)Tayo:ooohhhhhhhI hugged her closed to my chest and sit onher table while holding her waist in betweenmy legTayo:sebi have hug u, wat elseMe:notyn oooojust that Tayo:just that wat? Stop looking at me withthat eye jhoor (she couldnt raised hereyes to look me)Me:u look beautiful and I missed u so much(no word from her)..I missed everythingabout u, ur encouragement, the way u tutorme..u are just amazing..I missed ur lips,the way we kissed.Don't miss out the remaining episodes.


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