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Three Ways To Avoid Anger




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The truth is that, to stop getting angry over the things that provoke you, is not really easy.

Except something else…

This three basic steps help me overcame getting angry and avoiding negative reactions when angry. And they are all what I call ‘diversions’, cause they actually take your minds away from it.



1. Smile or laugh over what getting you angry: Lol… I know it looks funny but it’d helped me. Try to make the fun out of it, and you will see, it will just kill the matter immediately. (I love this one cause I’m the type that makes fun out of everything).

2. Try leaving that environment: When you notice that you are beginning to get provoked, try taking a walk. Just leave that environment, get other things to capture your attention. You will see that it will gradually fade away out of your mind.



3. Avoid things or people that get you angry: This is another way to totally avoid get angry. Cause in this case you are not trying to shun it down, you are totally avoiding it. Sometimes, some people are just there to provoke you, (I don’t know if I’m speaking your mind) they love to see you angry. So this kind of people, you just avoid them before they start their job.


These are the principles that has really helped me so far in controlling and avoiding anger.

Try these ways and see the result for yourself. If this helped you, please like, comment and share to others who you know needs this.

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  1.  Captain CJ

    Nice one! You just spoke my mind exactly! 

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