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Tricks on how to browse with poor network strength




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Boosting browsing speed effectively

Trying to make phone call or surf the internet while your mobile phone have poor network service is a very frustrating and embarrassing situation especially if there is important need to browse for information from a particular site or want to make urgent phone call.

This issues have been an everyday situation for majority of people living in rural areas or area where there is no close telecommunication mask that will be giving strong network signal to the subscribers.

Some telecommunication network providers always have this stigma of network failures due to some technical issues within their server at a particular time which might take them minutes or hours’ time for them to be able to resolve the issue properly so that their subscribers can use their network freely.

Although issue of network failures might come from telecommunication network you are using at the particular moment, there are other certain reasons why your phone might have a very poor network service which may be:

·         Far range of your phone networks telecommunication mast in the location

·         Particular environment you are browsing from

·         Type of phone you are using

·         Phone network issues(mostly from panel)

·         Low battery or data bundle on your phone

Above listed are possible reason that can make your phone browsing speed to be sluggish and frustrating.

In regards to reasons why your phone might have a very poor network signal, am going to give measures and tips to use if your phone have such issues from above listed details.

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 Far range or absence of networks telecommunication mast in a location:

This is one of the issues experience mostly by people living in rural areas as I mentioned at the beginning of this article. And arguably, is the major reason why your phone have poor network signal and it’s quite hard to browse or make call easily from that particular area.

To resolve this issue, simply go to your phone setting>mobile networks>preferred networks >2G and activate the 2G networks option.

Restart your phone after you are done with the setting, and you will notice that your phone network is improved mainly for phone call but will be little slow when you want to browse.

Browsing under 2G network will help maximize your network signal and improve your call and browsing experience.

It’s advisable to browse sites that have fast load speed in this situation so to aid in easy and swift browsing speed.

Consider buying mobile network signal booster which will combine both 3G, 2G and GPRS networks to aid your phone for easy and faster browsing.

 If the above steps didn’t work as you expected, another alternative is to subscribe to other networks that have good network services at that area.

Location of browsing:

This is another possible reason for poor network strength on your mobile device. So what do I meant by this? You may noticed that when you are in a compacted room, compound or hall, network signal on your phone will start fluctuating and dropping and as this is happening it will be hard to make or receive phone call as well browse freely without glitches due to unstable network strength .

There is no setting to use here but to resolve this issue kindly move your phones towards the door or window of the room or environment. So as to attract visible signal that will be coming from the exit.

If that did not actually work, you might as well simply go to your phone setting>mobile networks>preferred networks >2G and activate the 2G networks option.

Type of phone being used:

With high rise in technology and invention of modern sophisticated phones, there have been a sort of limitation to some lower class mobile devices such as java phones, Symbian and others.

Prior to the evolution of 4G services that offers the fastest browsing speed per second, not all phones or telecommunication networks support 4G services. But some of the latest phones that supports 4G services have a wide advantage over others in terms of good browsing and other cool stuff that requires strong network strength.

Most old phones version such as blackberry, java, Symbian have slow browsing speed recently due to poor browser support and also majority of sites are built mainly for modern versions of phones such as android, Iphone, etc. In as much as there have been some limitation on browsing speed, you can make phone call without any network failure or poor network strength.

So to resolve this issue, consider porting to modern technology phone so as to enjoy benefit of whatever your network providers are giving out to subscribers

Another issue is the country configuration settings of the said phone you are using. Maybe you got the phone from abroad and it was not reset to suit your home country services and codes. This will lead to poor performance of the phone which includes the network and some functions in the phone.

To correct this issue, take the phone to a professional phone servicing center so that they can give the proper setting and other necessary re-configuration the foreign phone needed before it can work well.

Phone network issues (mostly from network panel):

Have you ever been frustrated by poor network signal on your phone and you can’t actually tell where the problem might come from. Especially when you noticed that the network signal is quite strong and browsing faster on your friends or neighbor phones where’s you are using the same network provider as theirs.

The most possible cause of this might be that the network IC in your phone might have spoil or damaged in the phone panel which will lead to poor network signal on your phone.

To resolve this issue, kindly take your phone to phone repair company and explain to them so that they can diagnose the issue and repairs it effectively.

Low battery and data bundle on your mobile device:

No need to emphasize on this because it’s easily noticed and not that important issue.

Low battery signal is also among the reasons why your phone cannot make call or browse easily, some modern phones have built-in features that slows down phone functions in other to minimize battery at minimum rate. When this is happening your phone network might start behaving badly.

Only thing to do here is to charge your mobile phone battery when it required and also subscribe to a new data plan if yours have expired.

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