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The 3 least-secure programming languages




The 3 least-secure programming languages
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WhiteSource has released a report outlining which popular programming languages contain the most security vulnerabilities.


It looked through its database of known open source security flaws and vulnerabilities over the past decade for the report.


The “vulnerability” results were as follows:


C – 47%


PHP – 17%


Java – 11%


JavaScript – 10%


Python – 5%


C++ – 5%


Ruby – 4%


WhiteSource said it has found that the percentage of critical vulnerabilities is declining for five of the seven languages considered – only JavaScript and PHP do not follow this trend.


WhiteSource added that these findings do not necessarily reflect how vulnerable each language is.


For example, as C has been around for longer than the other languages and has the highest volume of written code, it is understandable that more C vulnerabilities have been discovered.


“My own  conclusion from the research is that it is not about the language itself that makes it any more or less secure, but how you use it,” said WhiteSource.


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