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How to Fix Exim Message Locked (another process is handling this message)




DEVELOPER WEBMASTER: How to Fix Exim Message Locked (another process is handling this message) [New  Developer Webmaster] » Naijacrawl
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Hi Folks, have you been spam before and the message ID was locked, you are at the right place to get it solved. We are aware that the internet is vast , which means that your site email can be hacked and used to be sending spamming emails which will put your IP and server at risk.

You might have encountered this message when trying to delete queue messages or spamming messages from you WHM Cpanel Spool file is locked (another process is handling this message) Message 1l3dZE-0006BJ-3a is locked or when you try to delete the message through the terminal with this command exim -Mrm 1l3dqf-0007Lw-Kw you will get Message 1l3dqf-0007Lw-Kw is locked. I have provided a quick fix to delete all the locked messages at once using the command below:

killall exim 

Here we killed all the existing exim messages first

exiqgrep -z -i | xargs exim -Mrm

Here we removed all the exim messages, now you have solved the spamming issues and deleted the queue messages. I hope this article was very helpful.

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