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How to Grow Long and Thick Eyelashes




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I love having long and thick eyelashes - if you follow my photos on my blog and Instagram, it indeed didn't escape your attention.

I've got never concealed that they're not natural. I've got been extending and thickening them with the 3: 1 method for a long time, enjoying beautiful, spectacular lashes. This method, however, requires regular replenishment every three weeks. For this, it takes time and in my case, the likelihood (because I've got no thanks for leaving a tiny low one during the day), additionally as a substantial sum. That's why I promised myself that i might find a home remedy for long and exquisite eyelashes. Well, I found three such methods! Cheap, simple, and feasible within four walls. You want to get to understand them too!

Home remedies for long and thick eyelashes

Castor oil and oil

Castor oil mix with oil during a 1: 1 ratio. Put aside for some days. Oil the eyelashes nightly by applying the mixture with an eyelash comb, cotton bud, or a clean mascara brush. After a month, you may notice that your lashes are longer, thicker, and more robust. After two or three months of everyday use, the results are going to be spectacular! You'll also add liquid vitamin E to the mixture, which activates eyelashes' expansion (available at the pharmacy).

Nourishing mask

Here you may need more nutritious ingredients - cosmetic butter (e.g., shea or cocoa butter), lanolin (nursing mothers certainly have some up to their sleeve;)) and your favorite oil (e.g., Amygdalus communis, linseed, jojoba) in an exceedingly 1: 1 ratio: 3. Cosmetic butter and lanolin are very thick, and you would like to dissolve them first (preferably in a very water bath), add oil to them and blend thoroughly. Apply this mask even along with your fingers and leave it overnight.


Only this so much! Apply jelly to wash eyelashes within the evening along with your fingertips - from roots to ends. You'll also brush your eyelashes. This method takes a bit of patience before you see the results, but experts say it's worth it! It's also the most affordable of all home methods for long and thick eyelashes. Rather than jelly, you'll also use… protective lipstick. This is my method after I haven't got eyelash extensions. I read on women's forums that the simplest for this can be the most affordable Rossman Alterra, the one with chamomile - i like to recommend it!

Remember to clean your face and eyelashes within the morning with a lightweight facial cleanser after such 'greasy' treatments - it'll be challenging to use mascara on greasy eyelashes. If you employ milk or micellar water - also rinse them with water.

What else supports eyelash growth daily?

There are several belongings you can do daily to stimulate the expansion of your eyelashes. Belong to them:

brushing the eyelashes (with a clean mascara brush).

Massaging the eyelids at the lash line - such a procedure performed delicately with the fingers, for instance, while brushing, stimulates the hair follicles to figure. careprost and bimat for thick and long eyelashes. 

A healthy diet (hair and nails get vitamins and microelements last! That's why their condition shows fairly often how we make sure of ourselves. By neglecting your body, you've got little chance of thick eyelashes and long, strong nails).

Drinking horsetail and nettle - they're also called horsetail and tea could be commonplace among those who take care of their hair - in any case, eyelashes are hair, hence drinking these two herbs stimulates their growth (you can drink during pregnancy and with KP;)). careprost lash serum and Buy Careprost try to cure ed. 

Make-up removal - bang carefully! Use gentle cosmetics explicitly designed for this purpose, and don't rub your eyes firmly - because you may tear your lashes out. Put a plant disease soaked with the cosmetic for an instant to let the make-up dissolve, only then gently wipe it off.

Eyelash brushes and combs that you use for care should be washed after each use!

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