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Bali Volcano Mount Agung Erupts.




NEWS: Bali Volcano Mount Agung Erupts. [New Foreign News] » Naijacrawl
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Larger impact expected as Bali volcano Mount Agung erupts Indonesia has declared the highest possible alert level for the volcano on its holiday resort Bali Island that has again erupted.

Bali Meteorological officials issued another warning on Friday to the local airport to take precautions as the giant ash cloud that hangs above Mount Agung could impair invisibility at nights. Mount Agung had a major eruption local time on Saturday, following its previous activity on November 26. It has so far left 40,000 people in makeshift shelters, stranded thousands of tourists and forced residents within 10 kilometers to flee. Two Chinese state-owned airlines sent flights on Wednesday to take over 2,700 Chinese tourists from Bali. Experts suggest the successive eruptions of Mount Agung match the build-up to a massive one decades ago that ejected enough debris to lower global average temperatures by some 0.3 degrees Celsius for almost a year. Gede Suantika, a senior volcanologist at Indonesia’s volcanology agency, anticipates a bigger eruption due to the constant activities. Mount Agung’s last big eruption in 1963 killed around 1,600 people and destroyed several villages lying at its foot.

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