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CovidNGR: Kogi State Records First Covid-19 Case




NAIJA NEWS: CovidNGR: Kogi State Records First Covid-19 Case [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
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After over 13 weeks the index coronavirus cases was recorded in the country, of which it has spread exponentially to almost all the states in the country excluding two states (Kogi and Cross River). However, in the latest announcement made by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control NCDC yesterday, two confirmed cases were recorded in Kogi state.

It will be noted that the Kogi state government and the official of NCDC has a clash some weeks ago concerning the real situation of the state pertaining to the pandemic.

It should be noted that Kogi state shares borders with 8 states and the Federal capital and all this states and FCT have recorded the outbreak of the pandemic in their states excluding Kogi state.

Meanwhile, the testing samples statistics released last week by the NCDC showed that Kogi state has only done one (1) test so far.

In other news, the total number of coronavirus cases in the country now stands at 8733 as at yesterday night.


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CovidNGR: Arrest Anyone Without Face Mask - Ebonyi Government




NEWS: CovidNGR: Arrest Anyone Without Face Mask - Ebonyi Government [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
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In order to have a genuine preventative and preventive measure to curtain the novel coronavirus in Ebonyi state, the state government has now ordered law enforcement agencies in the state to arrest anyone that leave his or place without wearing face mask.

This was made known through a press release yesterday by the state government.

The statement reads:

The Governor of Ebonyi State His Excellency, Engr. Chief David Nweze Umahi FNSE, FNATE, in furtherance of our collective efforts to ensure, through the grace of God, that this satanic scourge called COVId-19 does not reach Ebonyi state, hereby further directs me to inform the public as follows:

1. That with effect from 4th of April, 2020 and throughout the entire Ebonyi State, anybody that is seen outside his/her house must wear a face mask. Note that Handkerchief/Head tie/pre-made medical mask could serve the purpose of face mask.

2. Security agencies, all sub-committees on COVID-19, Chairmen of Local Government Areas, Coordinators and indeed all Government officials are hereby directed to arrest anyone seen outside his/her home anywhere in Ebonyi State without wearing face mask.

3. We still request for information on anyone that is showing symptoms of high body temperature (fever), dry cough, and difficulty in breathing and returnees from the infested countries and or States of Nigeria. It is to be noted that older people and people with other medical conditions (such as Asthma, diabetes, or heart diseases) may be more vulnerable to Coronavirus.For information about those with symptoms of COVID-19, please call these hotlines:

*MTN: 07045910340,* *GLO: 08159279460,* *AIRTEL: 07085763054*

4. Ban on social and Religious gatherings is still in force and anyone that defies these regulations shall be arrested and premises acquired by government.

5. The use of sanitizers, washing of hands and steaming twice a day, including frequent intake of hot liquids are highly recommended.

6. Government is working hard to compile the names of all those that will be needing palliatives from the state and those that will benefit from the Federal Government Conditional Cash Transfer and this will be made known to the public as soon as we are ready.

7. We are in contact with our brothers and sisters who came from outside especially areas infested with COVID-19 both within and outside Nigeria and we are monitoring their health conditions on daily basis.

8. We direct all the tailors in Ebonyi state to meet the speaker of Ebonyi State House of Assembly; Rt. Honourable Francis Ogbonnia Nwifuru for immediate production of Face Masks.

9. We shall be briefing Ebonyi people from time to time on developments in our battle to rid the state of the deadly Coronavirus

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Covid19: Niger, Anambra State Record First Case As Confirmed Cases Move To 305




NEWS: Covid19: Niger, Anambra State Record First Case As Confirmed Cases Move To 305 [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
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The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has later Friday confirmed 17 new coronavirus cases in the country and out of the 17 cases, Anambra and Niger state recorded their first confirmed case of the novel virus.

This was made known through NCDC verified twitter handle.The tweet goes thus:

SEVENTEEN new cases of #COVID19 have been reported in Nigeria: 8 in Lagos 3 in Katsina, 2 in the FCT, 1 in Niger, I in Kaduna 1 in Anambra and 1 in Ondo State.

As at 09:30 pm 10th April, there are:

Total confirmed cases: 305Discharged: 58Deaths: 7Breakdown by State:Lagos - 163

FCT - 56

Osun - 20

Edo - 12

Oyo - 11

Bauchi - 6

Akwa Ibom - 5

Ogun - 7

Kaduna - 6

Enugu - 2

Ekiti - 2

Rivers - 2

Kwara - 2

Delta - 2

Benue - 1

Ondo - 2

Katsina - 4

Niger - 1

Anambra - 1

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There is Covid19 in Kogi State - Index case Family Tells Yahaya Bello




NAIJA NEWS: There is Covid19 in Kogi State - Index case Family Tells Yahaya Bello [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
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As the Kogi state government fails to admit that there is coronvirus case in the state as reported by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control NCDC, the family of the recorded index case in the state has beseech the Kogi state government to stop denying the reality that has befallen the state, the family admitted that truly there father is tested positive for the novel virus and that the man had not travel from the state for a while.

Chief Tai Ejibunu, Obatebise of Oweland, in a statement by the family, said the Chief Imam exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 because he eventually tested positive after referral from the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Lokoja.

In the statement titled, “The COVID-19 Case Infection: Matters Arising, the family said,: “Our attention has been drawn to the series of discussions going on concerning Covid-19 index case in Kabba and the identity of the index case.

“I wish to affirm, on behalf of Ejibunu family, that the Chief Imam of Kabba, Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Ejibunu, was down with flu some few days back and he had to be hospitalised at the Specialist Hospital in Kabba.

“Further medical attention was sought at the Federal Medical Centre in Lokoja, as the flu did not abate after some days.

“At the FMC, he was referred to the National Hospital in Abuja and the test conducted on him by the NCDC showed that he was Covid-19 positive.

“The test conducted on one of his sons who had been with him since came out negative.”

It added: “The family would have come out to speak on the matter but we were not comfortable with the ding dong game going on between the NCDC and the Kogi State government.

“The family is concerned about the wellbeing of other and we wish to confirm that Covid-19 has found its way sadly into our community and the state.

“Therefore, no need for Kogi State government to deny the obvious.

“We would like to stress that the Chief Imam, of recent, had never ventured outside Kogi State by way of travelling outside the state. So, the ‘virus’ could have been contacted within.

We wish to advise our people to please abide by the protocols emplaced by the NCDC and play safe.

“The family is cooperating with the Kogi State government and the NCDC to stem the spread.

“This evening, contact tracing and testing of family members of the Chief Imam had begun.

“What we need from our people is empathy and no need for the acrimonious exchange of views and counter views.

“May God save Oweland and her people in particular and the state in general.

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