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Oluwo condemns family planning in Nigeria




NAIJA NEWS: Oluwo condemns family planning in Nigeria [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
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The controversial monarch; Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, Telu I, has condemned the practice of family planning in Nigeria saying its application will wipe out the human race.

The monarch said this while making his contribution to a public debate on family planning recently.

In his contributions, he opined that Nigerians should respect the dictate of God on procreation. He argued that the assumption that overpopulation is responsible for poverty is not correct. He said that what China has achieved as the most populous nation and emerging giant of the world could be linked to the country’s huge human resources.

“There is so much misconception and about population and national growth. There is so much more strength in procreation but we oftentimes ignorantly relate overpopulation to poverty. If this belief is true, then China by now should be the most affected nation by poverty. But this is not so because today, China is an emerging world power and a nation that is getting it right in all fronts.

Few powerful nations are getting it wrong for placing limit on childbearing. Today, 75% of the Canadian population is made up of foreigners born outside Canada. In few years to come, the land may be controlled by foreigners.

Aside from this, the dictate of God on procreation should be respected by individuals willing to bear more children. Grace is great. Having more children is not a measurement of poverty. Many rose from grass to grace.

Education is the key. China became powerful because of its passion for technical education. The government should focus more on improving technical education. Education is as important as human blood.

Basic education from primary to secondary should be free and made compulsory for everyone. Higher education should be subsidized. These will encourage average Nigerians to pursue technical education This is the strength of any developed nation.

The huge population of northern Nigeria should give them an edge over other regions. There is a need to harp on the quality of education and not putting an embargo on the numbers of children.” the monarch said


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Naija News

Ajimobi's Family Apologizes to Oyo Deputy Governor; Says Action Not Intentional




NAIJA NEWS: Ajimobi's Family Apologizes to Oyo Deputy Governor; Says Action Not Intentional [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
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Sequel to the news spreading around about the non excellent way the family of the late governor of Oyo state; Ajimobi meted on the deputy governor of Oyo state and representative of the Oyo state government, on how they declined the government entrance into the venue of the 8 day Fidau prayer for the late politician. The family has now openly apologized for this action.

Spokesperson to late Governor Abiola Ajimobi, Mr Bolaji Tunji has explained the family side of the story in the mild drama that played out at the 8th Day Fidau prayer held in honor the deceased governor.

The Oyo state delegation led by Deputy Governor Rauf Olaniyan, the Head of Service, Amidst Ololade and the Commissioner for land, Mr Abiodun Abdul-Raheem, had arrived the Oluyole venue of the prayers, but could not gain entrance into the venue of the prayers.

But, Tunji said, the family was not aware that the Deputy Governor would be attending the event neither was there any prior arrival of the deputy governor’s advance protocol team to intimate the family ahead.

He said the event which was planned as a family event held in observance of strict protocol of the NCDC, adding that effort to facilitate the entrance of the deputy Governor proved abortive as soon as the family gets the information on the presence of the Deputy Governor at the Oluyole residence of the deceased governor.

Tunji said in a statement “There is the need to clarify the believed presence of the Deputy Governor of Oyo State, Engineer Rauf Olaniyan at the 8th day prayer of HE Senator Abiola Ajimobi, the immediate past Governor of Oyo State.

“The Deputy Governor arrived after the prayer had started. The event was strictly a family affair.

“There was a need to comply with the Covid-19 protocol as established by NCDC – Social distancing, not more than 30 people in a place and seats arranged, accordingly. After which the gate was shut.

“No one was aware that the Deputy Governor was coming as neither the advance team nor the protocol informed us.

“By the time we got to the gate to usher him into the sitting room, he had left. Everything happened within a spate of 10mins.

“Through a serving Senator and a former Attorney General we tried to get in touch with him that it was not to slight him and he could sit in a private sitting room provided by the family. Unfortunately, he had left. We however apologise to his Excellency.”

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There is Covid19 in Kogi State - Index case Family Tells Yahaya Bello




NAIJA NEWS: There is Covid19 in Kogi State - Index case Family Tells Yahaya Bello [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
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As the Kogi state government fails to admit that there is coronvirus case in the state as reported by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control NCDC, the family of the recorded index case in the state has beseech the Kogi state government to stop denying the reality that has befallen the state, the family admitted that truly there father is tested positive for the novel virus and that the man had not travel from the state for a while.

Chief Tai Ejibunu, Obatebise of Oweland, in a statement by the family, said the Chief Imam exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 because he eventually tested positive after referral from the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Lokoja.

In the statement titled, “The COVID-19 Case Infection: Matters Arising, the family said,: “Our attention has been drawn to the series of discussions going on concerning Covid-19 index case in Kabba and the identity of the index case.

“I wish to affirm, on behalf of Ejibunu family, that the Chief Imam of Kabba, Sheikh Ahmad Abubakar Ejibunu, was down with flu some few days back and he had to be hospitalised at the Specialist Hospital in Kabba.

“Further medical attention was sought at the Federal Medical Centre in Lokoja, as the flu did not abate after some days.

“At the FMC, he was referred to the National Hospital in Abuja and the test conducted on him by the NCDC showed that he was Covid-19 positive.

“The test conducted on one of his sons who had been with him since came out negative.”

It added: “The family would have come out to speak on the matter but we were not comfortable with the ding dong game going on between the NCDC and the Kogi State government.

“The family is concerned about the wellbeing of other and we wish to confirm that Covid-19 has found its way sadly into our community and the state.

“Therefore, no need for Kogi State government to deny the obvious.

“We would like to stress that the Chief Imam, of recent, had never ventured outside Kogi State by way of travelling outside the state. So, the ‘virus’ could have been contacted within.

We wish to advise our people to please abide by the protocols emplaced by the NCDC and play safe.

“The family is cooperating with the Kogi State government and the NCDC to stem the spread.

“This evening, contact tracing and testing of family members of the Chief Imam had begun.

“What we need from our people is empathy and no need for the acrimonious exchange of views and counter views.

“May God save Oweland and her people in particular and the state in general.

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A man that killed seven of his family members burnt to death by his villagers in imo state.




NEWS: A man that killed seven of his family members burnt to death by his villagers in imo state. [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
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Its indeed another tragic story after another in the south eastern part of Nigeria. This ugly incident happened in imo state as a young man believed to be mentally unstable for quite some time now was reportedly burnt to death by his fellow villagers for allegedly stabbing seven of his family members to death.

According to reports, the young man, who is a native of nempe in oru west local government area of imo state where the crime also happened was said to be normal before and was into business in the popular Onitsha main market, but things later turned around as the young man later became mentally unstable and was transported back to his village in imo state through the help of his friends in Onitsha. The young man was reported to be staying with his family for some time as the family refused to take him to any psychiatric home. He became a menace in the community. But on the faithful night, the young man took a machete and entered into the room where his grandmother and some of his cousins were sleeping and reportedly stabbed seven of them to death including the grand mother, the news got to the youths of the village who became aggrieved and dragged the young man out and set him ablaze where he burnt to death. According to some of the villagers who spoke to our reporters, the young man was suspected to have joined secret cult which resulted to his madness while some of them believed it was the use of hard drugs that caused his ailment.

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