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We now anoint our pants to escape Yahoo Boys / Ritualists Warri girls




NEWS: We now anoint our pants to escape Yahoo Boys / Ritualists Warri girls [New Naija News] » Naijacrawl
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The fear of Yahoo Boyz has become the beginning of wisdom among girls in Delta State.

In the last three months more than eight girls have been allegedly murdered by Yahoo Boyz, for money ritual. The resent story of Elozino Ogege is one of them.

There is also an unconfirmed incident at a shopping centre in Warri where a Yahoo Boy offered a girl fifty thousand naira to just caress her. This was a good deal for the girl since he was not going to have sex with her. So they entered into the guy’s car. When the guy finished, he transferred the cash to her account, she went to the convenience to freshen up only to bled to death.

Her friend who was with her that night was the one that raised the alarm and narrated all that happened to everyone.

The activities of internet fraudsters, also known as Yohoo Yahoo Boys is alarming over the years. 

It'sno longer new to Nigerians that this Yahoo boys do rituals in order to stay afloat in their fraudulent activities.

In Delta State, it is gathered that some of them do kidnap girls, kills some and take their pants for rituals. 

Aresident in Ubeji area of Warri in Delta State said that undies, particularly of girls between the ages of 16 to 32 years, are hot cakes for use by ritualists.

According to some residents, one pant sells for as high as two hundred and fifty thousand naira. The price can be higher when the ‘boys’ confirm “ through science that the girl has not done any abortion”, Esther, from the area, said. The pants are said to be used for money rituals. 

Esther added that, after they finish with the pants, their owners will lose their wombs which is the real ritual”.

Alero, a female resident of Ubeji area of Warri, said "As a rule now in my house, we pour anointing oil and sprinkle holy water on our pants before wearing them because of Yahoo Boys”. This is her family’s strategy to escape ritualists on the prowl in Delta State.

Alero, who lives with her parents, "I have three sisters. The anointing oil and holy water, which we sprinkle on our pants have the capacity to neutralize any evil plan of Yahoo Boyz on our pants", she said.

According to Tamera, a charming lady in her late 20s on Jakpa Road, she and her mother no longer hang their underwears on the rope outside in their compound where they live. “ “We live with five other tenants in our compound both girls and boys. From the day we heard the news, we have been hanging our pants in the bathroom, even if they get dry or not is no longer the problem. Sometimes we use hot iron on them to get them properly dry”. When she was asked if they handled their braziers in same way, her response was, “Yes o. No difference between pants and braziers. We hide them very well now. Ladies pants and bra na mega bucks in Warri”. 

Lola who is a female banker and lives in a one-bedroom flat around Estate area of Warri said, "I sit outside until my pants dry on the rope." According to her, she washes mostly on Saturdays and sit by the rope until her pants get dried. “I just bring out a chair, sit outside until my undies dry and I take them inside. No room for gambling. The story is everywhere that people have been recruited to go for ladies’ pants for attractive prices. Dem no go see my own o“, she said.

Lola, in her early thirties, said since the news hit Warri that Yahoo Boys were after ladies pants, she has been very careful with personal effects.

Some girls now go to their boyfriends houses with no undies on said Rosemary. Rosemary is a student in Oghara, Ethiope West local government area. “You no know who be who. Even these our boyfriends, their eyes no dey clear. We are just gambling if it will lead to marriage. In the past when you visit your boy friend, if you were spending a night or two in his house, you took some underwears in your bag. But it is no longer so. You just go like that, not even with one. Just like that. You get what I mean. No be my head dem go take break coconut”, she said.

Esther, also in her late 20s, said We avoid lonely routes at night because we heard some girls had been asked on the street at gunpoint to pull their pants or be shot dead. “It is so bad.

Some people now go round in cars looking for girls on lonely roads to forcefully order them to pull their pants using gun. You will just see a vehicle stop in front of you and guys will jump out. All they do is order you to pull your pants”, she said “So, in my house, we the girls don’t go on errands at night. From 6pm you don’t see us on the street. We also try to avoid lonely roads during the day”.


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