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Okofia New Yam Festival (Iri Ji) 2019




Okofia New Yam Festival (Iri Ji) 2019
Photo: Naijacrawl

2019 Okofia New Yam Festival (Iri Ji).

Our journey to okofia New Yam Festival (iri ji) 2019.

If you come to okofia community in Ukana Town, they have four Clan’s (Hamlet’s).

1. Umuozo

2. Onuodoenuagu

3. Olube

4. Amaakpaka.

We visited all these Clan’s (Hamlet’s) one after the other on Saturday 26th October 2019 as they all prepare for their New Yam Festival (iri ji) before coming out to their meeting point which is Obodaagu Market in Ukana Town. 

This village okofia community is living with love and unity.

So many activities took place that day on their New Yam Festival which includes;

Presenting of their New Yam (Ji Ohuru) to the King of their Town HRH IGWE TAGBO UBAKA ODUOHA II of Ukana, who is the King of their Town.

See the picture of Orji Nancy Chinwekene who presented the New Yam to HRH Igwe Tagbo Ubaka Oduoha II of Ukana!!!

The New Yam was presented by Orji Nancy Chinwekene, the daughter of Mr Vitalis Orji, who was born under Onuodoenuagu clan (Hamlet).

It was indeed a great day

On the 26th of October 2019.

As the people of Okofia, Ukana Town in Udi local Government, joyfully celebrated their new yam festival.

This happy event was well organized and planned by Mr Vitalis Orji who is the chairman organizing committee and Mr Kenny’s Orji the Chairman of Okofia Community and his Committee members in which the Chairman is held from Onuodoenuagu clan (Hamlet).

On this great occasion their Igwe, the Red Chief’s, Barristers and other important personnels were present that day.

The event took off right after the preparation of the yam by the four clans (Hamlet’s) in Okofia.

• The UMUOZOR clan (Hamlet), that was the first clan (Hamlet), they are the eldest among the clans (Hamlet’s).

• The ONUODOENUAGU clan (Hamlet), that was the second clan (Hamlet).

• The OLUBE clan (Hamlet) and the las but not the least.

• The AMAAKPAKA clan (Hamlet).

These clans (Hamlet’s) in their unique ways prepared in order to assembly at the village square (Obodaagu Market) and start the real event.

As soon as each and everyone of them were done with their yams, they happily summoned at the village square with their healthy products (yam).

Then the real event comensed by 3:pm.

There were different displays by the villagers who were very happy for the event.

The king (Igwe) of the community HRM IGWE TAGBO UBAKA ODUOHA II OF UKANA, who was present at the occasion showed his heartful gratitude to the people of Ukana, Okofia community and other invited guests present.

These are the people that won some prices on that day;

• Third Position – Joe Ebuyebe, who held from Amaakpaka Clan (Hamlet).

• Second Position – Cosmas (Emmanuel) Akpaka, who held from Onuodoenuagu Clan (Hamlet).

• First Position i.e the king of Yam (Eze-Ji) – Everistus Agu, who held from Olube Clan (Hamlet).

See the Pictures of the Three Winners!!!

It was indeed a marvellous and a memorable event for the people of  Okofia Community, Ukana Town, Udi LGA, Enugu State.

Anieke John Chidera reports!!!