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Developer Circles Enugu Event Build.




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The event was held today at Tech X.

Developer Circles is a community where a group of people comes together to transform their ideas into a reality.


At today's event, the floor was opened by one of the members by name Tboy, followed by Philis Nge.


Philis Nge React 360 Speaker


Philis Ngs introduced the software called React 360 which is owned by Facebook to view 3D objects, the class was awesome, from this link you can see what they are able to do with React 360  Link here


Abakor one of the Spark AR Speaker



Onyedika one of the Spark AR Speaker


Another awesome topic was introduced by Edewor Onyedika and Abafor Amalachukwu which is based on Spark AR. Spark AR is also owned by Facebook.


Spark AR is a software used to create objects based on Augment Reality. It is a very easy tool to work with. This topic got many people interested and very interactive.

Today's event was awesome because there is a real challenge going on now based I. React 360, Spark AR and HTML5 Games. 


To participate all you need to do is to join the community and build your team, produce a product using React 360 or Spark AR or HTML5 Games and stand a chance to win whopping amount of money $165,000 in cash prize.



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