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King2weezy - Nc Artist

  • Name :   king Weezy Sabie boy senior king

  • Label :   king weezy Entertainment company C.C.W

  • Hometown :   Anambra State

  • Date of Birth :   April 19, 2003 - Age:21


King Weezy is a famous Nigerian artist, singer and songwriter. he was born on April 19, 2003 in Nimo, Njikoka LGA, Anambra State NG.

He is currently 21 years old. King Weezy A.K.A Sabie boy Senior King grew up in an average family. He grew up with musical experience, while his father (Bob Jay) is a musician. He completed his primary and secondary education in Nimo, Njikoka LGA, Anambra State NG. King Weezy started following his music career, when he was in JSS1. when he finished high school, he refused to enter college so he could pursue his music career. King Weezy Sabie boy senior king is originally from Igbo, His Igbo name is Osondu Chidubem JosephOsondu Chidubem Joseph also known as King Weezy Sabie boy senior King, was originally from Nimo, Njikoka Local Government Area, Anambra State. He is currently an upcoming artist, songwriter, and singer. also an upcoming DJ.

King Weezy started his Ceree music when he was a Little kid (under 6years). According to him, he said that he was hiding his musical talent because of his mother. King Weezy( Sabie boy senior king) (@SabieWeezy) / Twitter

King Weezy began to show his Music ceree, completely in 2018, when he sang a beautiful and romantic song. Named #BABY_LOWO.King Weezy Sabie Boy Senior King__Baby Lowo (mixed by woki) with his T. brother named #SUNKIDO and his bestfriend named AND #BOSCO.


King weezy started having eyes on a woman in 2018, he first dated a girl named Oluchukwu Ikwulu. after a few months going to a year. the girl begins to behave somehow, which lead them to broke up.

After a few months when they separated, he dated a girl named Nwaka Precious, also known as Mamma. Well, I'm not in the right position to tell you how there friendships were. because, we have not Confirmed if they have separated or not. a few days later, king weezy Later met a girl called Ekperemaka, when he feel like precious is playing with his feeling. and then joy is his girlfriend as well, accordioning to the post he made on twitter today, he said he is not hiding his relationship with Joy anymore.

But we really know Agbaka Ekpereamaka and Ogechukwu as his current girlfriend. According to the way he addressed them on Social Media, he used to call Agbaka Ekpere the angles of himself or his future wife. and he used to call Ogechukwu his Celerity.

But now King Weezy is truly in love with Ekpereamaka King Weezy( Sabie boy senior king) (@SabieWeezy) / Twitter and Joy.King Weezy( Sabie boy senior king) (@SabieWeezy) / Twitter


Well, King Weezy comes out from a larger family in Umueze Village Nimo. Anambra State.

According to the story I heard about the King Weezy background.

We found out that King Weezy's general surname is Okoye. the poplar name of this family is Okoye Families

King Weezy has many lovely brothers and sisters.


Osondu Chinedu Joseph, Known as Bob JayIyogogo-Prod by King Weezy Sabie Boy Senior King: Listen on Audiomack King Weezy Sabie Boy Senior King on Audiomack is the real father of King Weezy Sabie Boy Senior King. He is from Umueze Village Nimo, Njikoka LGA Anambra State. and he is a musician as well. King Weezy had a collaboration with his father and the song was very nice and that's the Popular song for king Weezy. I promise you I promise you, is the beautiful song he made with his Father Bab Jay.

Osondu Nonye Esther is the mother of King Weezy Sabie boy senior king. she is Uruokofia Nimo Njikoka LGA Anambra State.

Osondu Ogechukwu is a sister to King Weezy Sabie boy. Osondu Ogechukwu also known as Princess Weezy is a twin Sister to King Weezy and Then,

Osondu Chigosife Victor is a Brother to King Weezy sabie boy. Osondu Chigosife A.K.A Star Wizzy is the second to the last born on king Weezy's family.

Osondu Chidiebube Justine is a last born on King Weezy's family. king weezy still have big brothers and sisters.


Well, according to one of his fans. She make us to know that King Weezy has finally got 100 & something #K Fans. both IG fans, Twitter fans, Facebook fans, and other Social outlets.


King Weezy Sabie boy Senior kingC.C.W was created by king weezy sabie boy senior king. he Made us to know the meaning of this group when we called him out on the interview, he said that C.C.W means Central Cave Of Wezards. and the use to say Wezards come forward devil focus.

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    We Couldnt find any more results for king2weezy - Nc Artist does not have any more entries

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