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Eye Defect (Long Sightedness) Meaning causes/formation correction.




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The human eye is an organ of sight.

It is a very vital organ of the body that can be described as the organ of light. It is also the only organ of the body capable of identifying colours. Have you ever closed your eyes and imagined what the blind pass through daily? No perhaps, therefore there is need for us to care for our eyes.


The eye is said to have a defect when an image cannot be formed at all/ formed properly on the retina.


What is long Sightedness (Hypermetropia) ?

Long Sightedness is an eye defect whereby the individual affected cannot see near objects. In other words, the eye can only focus on distant/far objects.




Long Sightedness is formed when parallel light rays from near objects are focused behind the retina. Therefore the eye can see far objects only.

This may be caused by age, genetics or some medical conditions such as diabetes (due to too much glucose in the blood).


Proposed Prevention of Eye Defects.


1. Eat a nutritious diet for the eye.

2. Avoid exposing the eye to strong rays, always use eye protection.

3. Follow a healthy lifestyle.

4. Have a periodic eye check-up.

5. Blinking the eye improves it's performance.

6. Find out your family's history on eye problem.


Correction of Long Sightedness.


Long Sightedness can be corrected using convex/converging lenses which will converge light rays to come to focus on the retina.

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