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Jubilation as NASA Rover Successfully Lands in Mars




FOREIGN NEWS: Jubilation as NASA Rover Successfully Lands in Mars [New Foreign News] » Naijacrawl
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It was a great moment for the scientists monitoring the river moment to mars as the cruise stage of Perseverance's journey has ended, and it has arrived at the Red Planet.

Perseverance has just started what NASA refers to as the "seven minutes of terror." This is when the rover essentially has to land itself on Mars with no help from NASA, due to a one-way 11 minute time-delay.

The ground teams tell the spacecraft when to begin EDL (entry, descent and landing) and the spacecraft takes over from there — and mission control begins an agonizing wait.

The spacecraft hits the top of the Martian atmosphere moving at 12,000 miles per hour and has to slow down to zero miles per hour seven minutes later when the rover softly lands on the surface.

The Perseverance rover just became NASA's fifth rover to safely land on the surface of Mars after surviving the "seven minutes of terror."

This is the most sophisticated rover the agency has ever sent to the Red Planet. It will gather data and look for signs of ancient life in a crater that once contained a lake about 3.9 billion years ago

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