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How to Monetize your WEBSITE/BLOG




NEWS: How to Monetize your WEBSITE/BLOG [New Tech News] » Naijacrawl
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Today will show you guys how to monetize your website or blog.

These easy step will make you turn your passion into money marking .

  • Get a Website or blog.
  • Choose ads Network you want to use
  • Start posting your contents.

Choosing a ads network

There are many ads networks around but in choosing, I found out that only GOOGLE ADSENSE is the best for you. Google paid higher than others. We have others ads Network, these will be discus later.

Your Content 

here matters alot , your content is what brings traffic to your site. With out these even if you has GOOGLE ADSENSE , you wouldn't earn anything , so work hard on It, suggests SEO for You, will talk about SEO later.

Also see Easy steps to get your WEBSITE / BLOG approve by GOOGLE ADSENSE

​if these help you or you find these guide interesting, drop your though in the comment box.

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