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How to root LG stylus 3 Android




NEWS: How to root LG stylus 3 Android [New Android Villa] » Naijacrawl
Photo: Naijacrawl

Will give step by step guide on how to root Lg stylus 3


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1. I'm not responsible for any damage incurred.

2. This Method only for LG G3 Stylus

3. Not recommended if you have updated the firmware and / or applications On The Air (OTA).

4. Do not hesitate to ask if having difficulty.

5. Good Luck.

Okay, let's prepare the files to the root:
  1. Go to settings> general> about phone> general> Software information> Software> click 7 times the build number / numbers manufacture. It will appear in the settings menu "developer option."
  2. Go to settings> general> developer option> enable "usb debbuging."
  3.  Download LG G3 Stylus drivers here 
  4. install in xp, win 7 or win 8> connect your device with usb cable to the computer and let Windows install the driverperfectly.
  5.  Dowload Tool here > extract this tool it name "PurpleDrakeLite" > click "purpledrake_windows.bat."
  6. And now prepare the usb cable that was attached to the computer first and plug it into your devices (Make sure your devices in MTP mode).
  7. Then will appear the notification that pop up from your devices, it asking: "are you will always accept to receive usb debbuging from your computer." but leave this pop up alone and do not tap anything until you click "root tool" in your computer it name: “purpledrake_windows.bat.” then there will be a 'sighting' like this.
  8. Lg root
  9. Tap enter on your laptop in “purpledrake_windows.bat" application.
  10. Tap OK in pop up that has appeared in your devices (number 6).
  11. Than the application in your laptop will show like this.
  12. Root
  13. Tap "enter" and your device will reboot and going to the "download mode" or what ever it name, look like this:

  14. And the application in your laptop will show like this:
    Root lg

  15. Click "enter"
  16. on your computer to install the application permalink
  17. innate superuser "purpledrake_windows.bat," and it looks like this:
  18. Lg root
  19. After completion of the above process your device will restart once, TADAAAAA ... it already rooted.
  20. And Install SuperSU form PlayStore.
  21. Finish and thank you for reading my post (Apriansyah Bintang).



Okay with it . We will root the LG G3 Stylus another way : 


1. Go to setting > general > about phone > general > Software information > tap 7 times the build number. Then the menu "developer option" will appear in the settings.
2. Go to setting > general > about phone > general > developer option > enable "USB debugging."


1. Download Vroot through your laptop, here
2. After the program vroot is downloaded please execute of the laptop (phone already connected with a USB cable) and press "connecet device." 


3. Then there will be a pop-up confirmation notice "USB debugging" in your phone then leave it alone.
4. Vroot force us to install some Chinese language applications, just press "OK" it can be removed anyway.
5. After installing the Chinese language application then please press the button ROOT, it is gren button in the bottom corner.

6. After installing a root system then your phone will reboot, wait until vroot finish loading and installing a Root System in our phone.
7. Then go playstore and install SuperSU > intsall > open SuperSU > update binaries > reboot . NOTE : When the update binaries in SuperSU will pop up comes across chinese speaking, this default application vroot, please click "right button" it mean: "yes.
8. Reboot. Done .


Also root with this guide

ROOT LG G3 Stylus without Computer/Laptop

There is the latest way to root LG G3 Stylus without a PC but not recommended because after

I upload it to mediafire the file infected with a virus, which is a shortage

Kingroot always considered a virus by all scanweb and antivirus in the world.

But if you want to, please search for kingoroot in google

Just press the green button and then it would root your LG G3 Stylus.

And do not install SuperSU, because SuperSU is already included in Kingroot Application.

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1 Comment

  1.  Lafi

    Nice guide, this really helped me to root my LG optimus using the kingo root step.

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