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How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Romantic Love Den




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For most of us, our bedrooms are a pretty special place.

It is a place where we relax, sleep and have the romantic time with someone you love. But most of our rooms are filled with not so romantic things like computers, laundry and other things that shouldn't be there. Even if you live in a studio apartment that doesn't mean that you can have a romantic love den that you have always dreamt of. With a little bit of creativity, everything is possible.

Remove All the Clutter

Because we all live such hectic lives, we quickly accumulate things we don't need and run out of space. This is especially the case if you are someone who works from home. For those people, it can be quite hard to separate their workspace from a place where they can have your special time. The first step when you are turning your bedroom into a romantic love den is to declutter it and make sure that there is nothing in it that doesn't belong to it. The less cutter you have the easier it will be for you to create a moody and romantic setting in your room.

Buy New Bedding

There is nothing more special and comforting than laying down on freshly washed new bedding. Something as simple as new bedding will change the mood of your room instantly. It can make it look romantic as well as very luxurious depending on what type of bedding you choose. You can go for a classic red silk bedding set but you can also choose something made out of natural fabrics. Because white sheets can get dry really easily, maybe opt for something with pops of red or pink to a touch of romance. Another thing that can really improve the mood of your room are pillows and blankets. Be bold and do be afraid to play with patterns and find what works best for you as well as your partner.

Don’t Forget to Add A Night Stand

One thing that is easily overlooked is the impotence of nightstands. They will not only tie your room into one cohesive space they are also super practical. When it comes to picking out the perfect bedside tables your options are truly endless. They will both provide storage for things that you need to grab while laying in bed but they will also make your room feel less empty.

Lightning Plays a Big Role

There is nothing that will set a more romantic mood than lighting. A popular misconception is that your bedroom needs to have a lot of light. But having bright overhead lighting can kill the mood because it is just too aggressive. Talking about adding things like table lamps or floor ones in places where you need the lightest. If you are someone who listens to read in bed, think about installing light scones, that will both give you enough light to read but it will also be adjustable. Another very smart thing to consider installing is a dimmer. When you have a dimmer, you can easily make different moods in a matter of seconds. Another thing that is very good to consider when you are turning your bedroom into a romantic love den are candles. They will not only set the perfect romantic mood but they will also give a nice fragrance to the room. If you aren't comfortable with burning candles, you can hang warm-toned fairy lights to give that soft moody glow.

Add Fun Decorations

A room is simply not complete if it doesn't have any decor in it. It will feel super bland and non-inviting instead of being cozy and inviting. Using decor to spruce it up and make it look more romantic is very easy. But because it can make or break the mood, stick to your colour theme so no one is overwhelmed or distracted by things.

Get Rid of Electronics

There is nothing that will kill the mood than having electronics in your bedroom. They just aren't the right move when you want to have a romantic love den. When you have a TV in there you will most likely just watch it until it's late and become too tired or it will kill the mood. Not having any electronics in your room is probably the best mood setter since there is nothing distracting you. All of the electronics should be in the living room while your bedroom is the place for relaxation and romance.

As you can see, turning your bedroom into a romantic lover den is not a very daunting task, it is quite simple. Get new bedsheets, dim the light and reconnect with your partner in a romantic setting. The power of romance love dens simply can't be underestimated. 

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