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My Sister Told Her Security To Lock Me Outside In The Rain Because Her Husband Was Home Alone!




NEWS: My Sister Told Her Security To Lock Me Outside In The Rain Because Her Husband Was Home Alone! [New Romance] » Naijacrawl
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My name is Sonia. I'm currently in pains because of what my sister did to me a few days ago and I'll never forgive her nor forget it.

My sister is a Medical Doctor and I'm a Nurse.

We work in different hospitals.

I was staying with her and her husband because my new hospital is kind of close to their house.

On that fateful Tuesday, my sister was working night shift , so she was not able to pass the night in her house. I called her that Tuesday evening to let her know that I'll be coming over to her house because my own night shift appointment was terminated due to the fact that there was a mix up and I wasn't meant to work that night. After clearly explaining everything to her, she just kept mute without uttering a single word so I assumed she was cool with it.

I got to her estate at exactly 11:15 pm. I was so tired, stressed and hungry due to the Heavy Lagos Traffic that I faced. It was also raining heavily that day.

I finally got to her house gate and after knocking for several minutes with no response, I called the gateman but he didn't pick up his phone. I called her husband and her didn't pick up as well. I tried calling my sister, but she didn't answer the call too.

Meanwhile, the rain was beating me badly and I didn't carry any umbrella because I didn't see the rain coming.

My sister's husband returned my call only for him to tell that my sister I can't stay in the house anymore if she isn't around and that I should find shelter else where.

"Shelter by almost midnight?".

I was so shocked to the core. I couldn't believe my blood sister could say such a thing to me.

I called her 6 times, still she didn't pick and it was still raining heavily.

I had to find my way back to my hospital while sobbing. I paid so much money for transport and I also lost my work ID card in the process.

I later called my sister and she said she doesn't feel comfortable with me and her husband staying home alone because of the stories she has been hearing all over the internet, and that I should understand. She didn't even apologize after her explanation.

Like can you imagine??

I was so disappointed that my own sister thinks I might sleep with her husband.

I have finally gotten a place of my own but I'm still angry with my sister.

Do I need to pay her back for what she did to me?

This is a fictional story.♥

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