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Russia 2018 WORLD cup FIXTURES till End




NEWS: Russia 2018 WORLD cup FIXTURES till End [New Sports] » Naijacrawl
Photo: Naijacrawl

Here are the 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP FIXTURES .

 All the goals highlights will also be available here don't miss out the actions.

*Group A:-* Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay  

*Group B:-* Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran  

*Group C:-* France, Australia, Peru, Denmark  
*Group D:-* Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria  

*Group E:-* Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia  

*Group F:-* Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea  

*Group G:-* Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England  

*Group H:-* Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan 

*THURSDAY, June 14/6/2018*

1.RUSSIA vs SAUDI ARABIA  (8:30pm)

*FRIDAY, June 15/6/2018*

2.EGYPT vs URUGUAY (5:30pm)
3.Morocco vs Iran (8:30pm)
4.Portugal vs Spain (11:30pm)

*SATURDAY, June 16/6/2018*

5.FRANCE vs AUSTRALIA (3:30pm)

6.ARGENTINA vs ICELAND  (6:30pm)

7.PERU vs DENMARK (9:30pm)

8.CROATIA vs NIGERIA (5:30pm)

*SUNDAY, June 17/6/2018*
9.COSTA RICA vs SERBIA (12:30am)
10.GERMANY vs MEXICO (8:30pm)
11.BRAZIL vs SWITZERLAND (11:30pm)

*MONDAY, June 18/6/2018*

12.SWEDEN vs SOUTH KOREA (5:30pm
13.BELGIUM vs PANAMA 8:30pm
14.TUNISIA vs ENGLAND 11:30pm

*TUESDAY, June 19/6/2018*

15.POLAND vs SENEGAL (5:30pm)
16.COLOMBIA vs JAPAN (8:30pm)
17.RUSSIA vs EGYPT (11:30pm)

*WEDNESDAY, June 20/6/2018*

18.PORTUGAL vs MOROCCO (5:30pm)
20.IRAN vs SPAIN (11:30pm)

*THURSDAY, June 21/6/2018*

21.FRANCE vs PERU (5:30pm)
22.DENMARK vs AUSTRALIA (4:30pm)
23.ARGENTINA vs CROATIA (11:30pm)
*FRIDAY, June 22/6/2018*

24.BRAZIL vs COSTA RICA (5:30pm)
25.NIGERIA vs ICELAND (8:30pm)

*SATURDAY, June 23/62018*

27.BELGIUM vs TUNISIA (5:30pm)
28.GERMANY vs SWEDEN (8:30pm)
29.SOUTH KOREA vs MEXICO (11:30pm)

*SUNDAY, June 24/6/2018*

30.ENGLAND vs PANAMA (5:30pm)
31.JAPAN vs SENEGAL (8:30pm)
32.POLAND vs COLOMBIA (11:30pm)

*MONDAY, June 25/6/2017*

33.SAUDI ARABIA vs EGYPT (7:30pm)
34.URUGUAY vs RUSSIA (8:30pm) 
35.IRAN vs PORTUGAL (11:30pm)
36.SPAIN vs MOROCCO (10:30pm)

*TUESDAY, June 26/6/2018*

37.AUSTRALIA vs PERU (7:30pm)
38.DENMARK vs FRANCE (7:30pm)
39.NIGERIA vs ARGENTINA (11:30pm) 
40.ICELAND vs CROATIA (11:30pm)

*WEDNESDAY, June 27/6/2018*

41.S. KOREA vs GERMANY (7:30pm)
42.MEXICO vs SWEDEN (7:30pm)
43.SERBIA vs BRAZIL (11:30pm)

*THURSDAY, June 28/6/2018*

45.JAPAN vs POLAND (7:30pm)
46.SENEGAL vs COLOMBIA (7:30pm)
47.PANAMA vs TUNISIA (11:30pm)
48.ENGLAND vs BELGIUM (10:30pm)

*LAST -16:-*

*SATURDAY, June 30/6/2018*

49.Group C-1st vs D-2nd (7:30pm)
50.Group A-1st vs B-2nd (11:30pm) 

*SUNDAY, July 1/7/2018*
51.Group B-1st vs A-2nd (7:30pm)
52.Group D-1st vs Group C-2nd (11:30pm)

*Monday, July 2/7/2018*

53.Group E-1st vs F-2nd (12:30am)
54.Group G-1st vs Group H-2nd (11:30pm)
55.Group F-1st vs E-2nd (7:30pm)
56.Group H-1st vs G-2nd (11:30pm) 


*Friday, July 6/7/2018*
57.Winner 49 vs winner 50 (7:30pm)
58.Winner 53 vs winner 54 (11:30pm)

*SATURDAY, July 7/7/2018*
59.Winner 55 vs winner 56 (11:30pm)
60.Winner 51 vs winner 52 (12:00am)


*TUESDAY, July 10/7/2018*
61.Winner 57 vs winner 58 (11:30pm)

*WEDNESDAY, July 11/7/2018*

62.Winner 59 vs winner 60 (11:30pm)


Saturday, July 14/7/2018
63.Loser 60 vs Loser 62


Sunday, July 15/7/2018
64. Winner 61 vs winner 62 (8:30pm)

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