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(This story is rated 18, contains strong

language & S£x issues, please ignore if you

below 18+) ***It is all started like this*** Chyka and I inside brothel having a S£x.


grabbed one bossom playing with the tip and

sucking another one. Mouth producing a

sounds like of boorish while sucking the Tip;

Pka-pto pka-pto… I had no clue on what to do

with the bosom I was just holding it at interval, pressing it like an orange, rubbing it

as if it is a wounded place which I am

applying embrocating. Chyka was moaning,

groaning, grunting in pleasure, holding my

Joystick and do justice to it. Toy with the cap,

rimming the tip, rubbing the body, sucking my boob, and smooching my balls as well.

Even my bumbum was not spared as it was

being spank, pressing” every time she

move her hand from my Joystick. Chai, this

girl is a pro. The sensation was too much for

me and I can’t take it no more. I only wanna sah enter her womanliness as soon as

possible. Gosh, I was peeping into the honey-

pot below, can you imagine, seen how red

net-pant looks like sending down message to

my brain and spinning my head. How it shows

the shape of kitty-cat, it is another thing out

of the world. When chyka was discovered

that I was still a novice she quickly removed

her pant, laid on bed and asked me to come

over. I was still peeping into her womanliness, the pink color, cover with ever

militant black giant grass, amaze the hell out

of me. She put her hand under the pillow,

brought out the condom and wore it over my

Joystick. Insert her finger inside a

spermatozoa cream cup, put little inside kitty-cat, applied and rubbed the remaining

over the tip of my Joystick. Put it inside; she

commanded. Fork me boy, spoil me, as she is

smooching her own bosom with left hand and

using the right hand rimming the clitoris.

Wetin man go do? I sah quickly bent down in missionary style and finding my way into

her kitty-cat. Still unable to locate the wall

gosh. Finding it difficult to put it exactly kitty-

cat hole***mogbe***. She: **formin posh**don’t you see where

to put it; she asked. I was dump and still holding my Joystick,

rubbing it over the grass outside and snail

like skin, gosh’ wonder where her V-G

located. Chai, was all I could hear. She

grabbed my Joystick and slotted it inside.

Oya’ common, fucccccck me harder; she commanded. Chyka was already horny. Her

womanliness is so wet like river niger. I was

going up and down like agama lizard.

Breathing heavily like a pig. When she see I

couldn’t do it faster just like she wants. She

was helping me with hands. Placed her legs at my back, asking me to go up and coming

down faster. She said; haven’t you ever

done it before. I became naïve. After like 5

minute of hard labour without praise, I

spilled my Pour. every parts of my body

become stiff and heavy. She push me one side of the bed when I refuse to stand up. She stood up. Clean her womanliness.

Removed condom on my Joystick, Handed

over a towel for me. Asking me to clean

myself as well, Which I did so. Chyka: where is my money? Me: how much? Chyka: 2k ****mo gbéé***** Me:*** eyes clear**** haaaaaa, but we

agreed on 1.5k before. Chyka:***frown*** common, with all the

wahala you took me through. Abegi, give me

2k jooh. **i sah dipped my hand inside my pokect,

brought out my wallet and hand over 2k to

her***. Chyka: **smile**thanks, but haven’t you

ever done this before? Me: ***felling shy***why asking? Chyka:**clear throat** I was just imagine as

big as you are, you just acting like a fowl. No

suck, no rimming, even no hand thrust…

hhhhaaaa, you need “alomo bitter ooo” or

make you kuku fold your eyes and ti’raka

(endure) to buy “Amo bitter”. Me: **feeling embarrass** haa, how wil you

be talking to your costumer like this? Chyka: **lower her voice** sorry, it just that

woman like active man. And if I happen to be

your girlfriend, I won’t take this from you.

Haaa, **raised eye brown** Me:**indulging** but I sah tried? Me: chai, your trying is a garbage Me: **feelin embarass**ok, I wil try next

time sah. Chyka:**shrugged** ko’ya try ni oo.

**picked her dress and wore it** wo (look),

I want market outside jareh. ****We both dashed out at the

sametime”****. Chyka is a S£x worker in one of the bigest

hotels in my neighborhood. It is being a while

I have wanted to do this with her. But where

on earth wil I get the confidence to enter

brothel. But kongi nah bastards, and I don’t

know the three keywords which are ‘what’, ‘how’, and ‘why’, the urge

to have s*x keeping building up in my nerve.

I just can’t help matter myself this time. I

sah gather change, call her inside and to do

the Fork with her for the first time. Though,

as it is popularly saying that. the first day of removing a virginity is indelible for the

woman, but as for the guy, it does not make

any difference. Today is the first day of

breaking my own virginity, no pain, no

wahala, no identification, even, there will be

no remembrance, Only the lack of clue on how to handle woman on bed. But as the

sayin goes; an elder that is running inside a

wilderness, if something is not after him, he

must be after something. Today, I know my

manliness is not worthwhile, but I will totally

revenge my humilation. Might not be through chyka no more, but through any available

kitty(ies) ever come my way. I carry this

thought over my heart for a very long time,

until the jinx is broken. ***chai, “then” it later becomes bomb***

To be continued

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