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***It is already 222222222


Was all my weaken baby

could pronounce. ***but, before she

completed the statement. I used my tongue to

flip the tip bossom. She let out the mooaaaan:

Hooooouch, haaaaaaaa… Yeeeaa. Huuuuuu… Hoooooo…***** She held my head so close to the bossom. I

stylish bend her over the bed, while my

mouth was stil lock on the bossom. I move

my hand down to her tiff. Her leg was

already heavy. I draw the gown from up

down to her hip. I use one of my leg hold on to the gown til the thing comes down to her

leg. She wore only pant. I dipped my middle

finger into her kitty-cat by strain the pant

one side. She was damn wet. She let out a

moan; Huuuu, huuuuu, huuuu, huuuu….. Like

someone who has been crushed by trailer and in pain struggling on the ground. As I was about to remove the pant, she held

my hand and still groaaan and mooaaan in

pleasure while stylish closing the legs… ****The devil wey dey follow this girl mind

never ready to let go; “my mind

pronounced”**** I sah use my hand to hold on to kitty-cat

entrance. rimming the kitty-cat entrance so

that the whole play won’t turn to

nightmare in a broad daylight like i have

seen it in a play and read in one of the stories

being told by T-model She open her legs again. I took my time to

play with kitty-cat, and while rimming it, I

was sucking the bossom. She could not take

the tomentor again as she was just holding

my head, drawing me closer, and stroking

my dickson$ ***owo mi ba*** my mind pronounce!!!! Within 3 minutes of rimming the kitty-cat.

She could not drag thing with me no more, as

her legs already become heavy and body

was vibrating like second-hand chinese

model nokia 105. I removed the pant form kitty-cat and still

continue to smoochnig her bossom. 5 minutes

passed by while still smoochnig bossom,

rimming kitty-cat and kissing the mouth,

while she was stroking my dick. Like play-play, she begin to adjust ping and

twisting her body like snake. Strugling on the

bed, while her body is betraying her.

adjusting and stretching her body like a

crystal. She then said; j-tee please!!! I asked why? She said; you are suffering me… I asked; how? Before I could finished asking how. She

already wore a lion face and said; Ibidun: ++++ in a weak tone ++++ you are

killing me!!!! Me: ++++yinmu++++ how my babe????? I cant

do that i love you Ibdun: ++++in a very weak tone+++ are you

sure??? Me: ++++giggling++++ yes babe Ibidun: ++++moan: hoooooch+++++ then, Put it

inside nah… I wont want to be late! Me: whaaaatttttt??? *****chaiiii, at last i go enter promise

land!!!!!!!***** To be continued…………………

Episode 6

*****chaiiii, at last i go enter promise

land!!!!!!!***** Put it inside nah'”***** is more sound

friendly and approving like someone who is

begin for mercy. But I wasn’t ready to let

go without doing mine. +++ I smile+++ I then did my own by sayin: Me:++++ yinmu++++ can you help me with

that babe???? As if make i no finished the words that made

up the sentence: as in: “””””help me with it”””… She quickly turned me mover, placed my

Joystick inside her punany and begin rolling

the Buttocks, in a girl ontop style. I swear. I felt like I was in heaven. I was

banging, hard thrusting fro beneath, while

she also moving her body upto mine to level

up the thrust. I have a sense of de’javu once… ***honestly, I like a woman who don’t just

lie down like toy on bed*** I realy don’t know how she does it, but I

felt her kitty-cat was tithing whenever she

move her body to level up with mine. This period, I still have not good in producing

the tone. But she was just moan, holding my

neck, drawing me closer to her, placing both

legs on my back and say; fuckk me, j-tee Fork me, huuuuuu, hhaaaaa,

hhhoooo I turned her mover…while hearing this, my

brain was spinning. I was going up and down

in a missionary style. Doing it faster and

Sweating profosely. I was Bleeping her

***breathing heavily***. I was deeping it

downward to touch the Kittycat beneath. I want her to start cry. I was increasing the

thrust. Bleeping her so hard. Smooching her

bumbum. Sucking the tip of her bumbum. I

was using my hand to hold on to her shoulder

in order to increase the momentum of my

hard jacking. I changed position from missionary style to spoon style. And still

jacking from the back. Sweating and

pounding. After like 10 minute of thrust. I felt my body

too heavy. I could not move. She notice this,

She then move my body up alittle bit. I

splashed my Pour on her tummy. And while cuming, I can’t help it, I don’t

even know where the voice take escape

from my mouth. I just moaaaaan lounder. Me: haaaaaaaaaa, hnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,,,, *********mission acomplished********** I was in my neighbourhood prepared for

living for school. I have got admission and

also through with regestration. I was a

popular guy among the goons in my area. No

one in my area got swarg as us. I have crew,

goons, badoooly…. U mess up with me” in no time, ama show eee ni. This got me goodluck and badluck. The badluck aspect of it is that people always

Use bad mouth against us. The good one is that, for woman or chicks,

our head dey there. I was in my combo while dorchas walkin into

me. Dorchas was jus a girl of 15 years. She

always wear a smiling face whenever we

see. But I am one of those people that go

against child abuse nah. But, even though, there is preference

treatment from me to her. She was with one

lady taking a walk in our neighbourhood, and

I was like***hmmmmm, omo’ se san. See

bobby*** Dorchas: bros j-tee, goodday Me: hoooooo, my queen how unah dey nah? Dorcahs: I’m fine ooo… Me: haaa, una no wan greet me bah. Dorcha: I dey greet u na ooo.. Me: so, is dat a way to greet ur lover bah? Dorchas: sorry sir. Me: ooo’ya quickly com hug me. We both hug and I quickly sent a message

into her ear: ***who is that chick follow unah?*** She whispered into my ear back; ***my sis, she jus cameback from our

village*** Me: hmmmmm… Tel her brother greet her

ooo… ******Giving me ok sigh******** They left for home and I was like this babe yi

wey dey follow se san die ooo, haaa- see

laps, see bumbum heeen, bossom nah my

whalla… Dorchas is just like a area younger sister to

me. She is very young. I was jus 23 years of

age and dorchas is jus 15 years. Can you see

the diference. But there is saying in yoruba

dialect, meaning: “Yesterday belle full has

nothing to do with today hunger”. Who would ever taught “me and dorchas could

ever come-by”? ****Honestly, women are the most devious

object in the world. Whatever they do,

weather good or bad’ all nah mistake****

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