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Trick - How To Use WiFi For Free Without Any password Using Xender - On Mobile Smartphones




NEWS: Trick - How To Use WiFi For Free Without Any password Using Xender - On Mobile Smartphones [New Android Villa] » Naijacrawl
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Hi readers, I know you've ones had the opportunity of being with a device (Android to be precise) with data and couldn't use the data in it on your phone through the hotspot due to hotspot password protections especially when you don't know the password or can't access it. 

This is normal for every smartphone. But today I'll show you how you can use the hotspot of an Android smartphone using xender with some few easy steps.

Lol! It's sounds funny, but don't be surprised it's something you may already know.

So let's begin...

Turn on the xender of the device you want to use in sharing the data and create the connection. Also turn on the xender of the receiver (your device) and recieve the connection. It's just the normal connections you usually create when sending files. 

When the connections on both phones are created successfully, the xender actually bypasses the password permission and this now enables the hotspot and can also transfer the network as usually. 

Now, on the data of the phone sharing the data and begin browsing on your device.
Note: Don't close connections on xender expect you're done with what you are doing. When connections are disconnected, the hotspot may not still work without the password.

This trick is nice for devices that hotspot password can not be accessible or you have the privilege of using someone's xender why his/her data is on.

Always make sure you use the one with data to first create the connection and the other device receives or join the connection. 

This may also work for PCs that has WiFi facilities 


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