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How to Download Instagram Photo and Video using PHP (easy way)




How to Download Instagram Photo and Video using PHP (easy way)
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Hi folks, this script is really cool for those of you that want to get informations like photos and videos from Instagram, this tool is for you.


Assuming you are working on a project that needs to get data from Instagram just follow these steps and get it done.


Step 1 

Download this package using the following command 


composer require ayesh/instagram-download


Step 2 


Set your Instagram photo or video URLs as show below 


getDownloadUrl(); // Returns the download URL.
  $type = $client->getType(); // Returns "image" or "video" depending on the media type.
catch (\InvalidArgumentException $exception) {
   * \InvalidArgumentException exceptions will be thrown if there is a validation 
   * error in the URL. You might want to break the code flow and report the error 
   * to your form handler at this point.
  $error = $exception->getMessage();
catch (\RuntimeException $exception) {
   * \RuntimeException exceptions will be thrown if the URL could not be 
   * fetched, parsed, or a media could not be extracted from the URL. 
  $error = $exception->getMessage();


You are good to go.





1.Validates Instagram URL (domain validation, URL path validation).


2.Uses OG properties to detect the image and video URL.


3.Supports Instagram photos, videos, and Instagram TV videos Verbose error reporting with proper exceptions.


4.Full unit tests No dependencies other than PHP curl extension (which is most likely enabled by already)


This awesome script written by Ayesh, Visit their official github repository and follow for future updates.





Download File 6.66 Kb 17


I am a software developer, like meeting people and love blogging, that's why I developed naijacrawl because that's what I love doing.

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