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Mp3 Tag Script For Your Wordpress and Php Website (by naijacrawl)




  Mp3 Tag Script For Your Wordpress and Php Website (by naijacrawl)
Photo: Naijacrawl

Mp3 Tagger for your Php and Wordpress Website, this script can add the following to any mp3 file.


1.Artist name


2.Cover Art




4.Album name






7.Vioce Tag 




Credit to naijacrawl for providing the script for free. If their is any error you can contact us via comment box.


We also have mp3 tag which works with a database without seeing the User Interface, it works directly when you are posting article to your blog (this is not for WordPress users )


How to Install this mp3 Tag to your WordPress site or any PHP hosted site 


File is available for download below 


1 .You have to Login to Your Cpanel and open File manager.


2 .Click on public_html


3 . Click on the Upload icon from the top toolbar above.


4 .Locate the file you downloaded from naijacrawl on your computer or smart phone that you want to upload.


5 .Once the file has been selected, it will automatically upload when it reach 100% .


6 .Then go to “public_html “ and refresh you will see the file that you uploaded 


7 .Extract the file into the “public_html ” directory, before that make sure you create a folder and move the uploaded file inside the folder.


8 .After extracting the script, now refresh the page with the refresh tool above and then you will see the script of the mp3 tag.


9 .Then locate index.php ,edit it to your taste but try to avoid some codes.


10 .Get a good graphic designed image and then Upload your image to the tag folder and then rename it to music.jpg then replace the previous one.


11 .You can Access your mp3 tag page with your site e.g.


12 .Now your Work is Done after tagging you can download the file or use the link to make a new post on your blog.


13 .That’s All on How to Get Mp3 Tags Editor With Voice Editor for WordPress and other PHP website . Comment Below if you need help. 


Don't forget that you can donate for us .

Download File 2.93 Mb 409


I am a software developer, like meeting people and love blogging, that's why I developed naijacrawl because that's what I love doing.

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  1.   Download

    Hello the script worked well but my voice tag I added is not talking.

    •  kizinho

      Yes we will provide an update on it January

  2.  kizinho

    Hi guys will release new update based on the mp3 tag, more functionality coming#

  3.   Michael

    Please how do we add our own Album Art Image?

    •  kizinho

      Use the link where the image is, paste it on the provide image URL input

  4.   Widebaba

    My mp3 tag is display only my header logo as a result after i optimize my website 

    •  kizinho

      Probably you didn't follow up the steps or maybe you missed a step .

  5.   mide

    works perfectly, special shout to Dorokiz 

    •  kizinho

      Thanks, happy for that

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