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Walk on Water in "Jesus Shoes"




NEWS: Walk on Water in Jesus Shoes [New Entertainment] » Naijacrawl
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Apparently, on Tuesday October 8, while you mere mortals walked about in your basic shoes, pairs of International trendy godly sneakers were getting sold out.

The shoes which were created by MSCHF (Mischeif) , A Brooklyn based creative, is a rebrand of the Nike AirMax sneakers to implement the idea of walking on water with "Jesus Shoes". Selling for as much as (£3,000), approximately ₦1.1 million, The trainers contain about 60 cubic centimeters of holy water from the Jordan river which was blessed by a priest, a steel crucifix on top of the laces and a red blob at the tip of each trainer tongue to signify the blood of Jesus. The Biblical verse which reads the account of Jesus walking on water is also refrenced on the side.

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