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Ways To Improve Physical Health




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This stimulation will be received by the body and responded to by increasing blood flow.

If blood flow to the can run smoothly, an erection can run optimally. Meanwhile, if the blood flow does not run smoothly, they will experience erectile dysfunction.

This condition makes it difficult for them to become erect. Blood circulation problems can occur for several reasons and often lead to weak erections and impotence. For example, in America, about 20 million men experience impotence. Well, here are some factors that cause blood flow to be obstructed:

1. Diabetes

Diabetics with high blood sugar levels can improve diabetes. Diabetic retinopathy can damage nerves, reducing the nerve signals needed to initiate and hold an erection. This nerve damage will also decrease the rate of blood flow, reduce the ability to stimulate, and Fildena 150 to solve erection problems.

2. Diet high in fat

A high-fat diet clogs arteries in the body with fat. The accumulation of fat in the blood vessels in atherosclerosis limits blood flow to flow through the streets. Thus, blood circulation is reduced, and the ability to have an erection is compromised. Foods are high in fat, french fries, chips, and other junk food, which are harmful to male function.

Spinal cord injury can also cause circulation problems and impotence in men. The peripheral nerve damage that occurs with spinal cord injury can limit function.

4. Smoking and cocaine

Smoking and using cocaine constrict blood vessels in the body, limiting the amount of blood flow. This can cause circulation problems to the health. The effects of nicotine and cocaine stimulants.

5. Kidney disease

Kidney disease is another cause of circulation problems in men. Kidney disease impacts overall physical health and function. Toxins can accumulate in the body when the kidneys are not functioning properly. When the toxins circulate, they can damage organs and restrict blood flow to the health. It can also cause malaise and limit physical function.

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