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Best 3 affiliate networks you must join for maximum income




NEWS: Best 3 affiliate networks you must join for maximum income [New Others News] » Naijacrawl
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Here are the best affiliate networks


Amazon affiliate program
2. Clickbank
1. Sfi
3. Amazon affiliate program
This network dosen't need introduction, you can find out about it here, but why is it the last on the list??
Well, Amazon affiliate program is one of the best because amazon is the largest online market place, it has millions of costumers and products and as such, it is trusted by millions, it's products is not hard to sell, so amazon is recommended because it stands a higher chance of conversion, if a consumer likes the product you are promoting, there is a very high chance he will buy it without hesitation.
But amazon is at the last of my list, why??
Well, amazon may be popular but it's commision percentage is very low (3% upto 10%), it has a high chance of conversion but your commision will be low and besides, amazon pays 60 days after you reach the threshhold for the first time.
Join amazon affiliate
2. Clickbank
Don't kill me for this but clickbank is not first on my list, it has a massive commision I know, but it is mainly based on digital products, and it is not open for all. Clickbank also has millions of customers but, infact I don't know why but I think it deserve this spot, this second position fits it.
It's commison is very high (upto 75%) and it also has a high conversion percentage but a marketplace with mainly digital products like ebooks and videos is more appealing to youths and computer literate individuals unless you want to target them.
But don't get me wrong, clickbank has the highest number of affiliates who are earning massive incomes.
Join clickbank
3. Sfi
This affiliate network is my best anyday, I can't explain it but this is more of a knowledge-base than an online business community which gives it even more advantage than the orders, you don't need to be an expert to succede here, there are training packages like "market income course" where you will learn everything about earning online, and so on.
There are tools for tracking your success, there are marketing aids and marketing methods e.t.c.
There are more than 20 ways to earn with this network but as an affiliate marketer I focus on what I came for " affiliate marketing!!"
So my work is promoting a product from the store, Tripleclicks, readmore about sfi/tripleclicks
So what made this network unique that I had the efforentery to rate it more than amazon??
Here, look at the compensation plan for it's affiliate marketing, everytime you sale a product, you earn 45% of the products CV and the customer that bought the product will become your customer for life.
So if someone should buy a product through your link, all future purchases the person will ever make again from the store will give you 45%,
They are popular in the US with millions of customers and more than 100 thousand products on almost any niche!! I LOVE SFI
Join sfi
So in conclusion this three networks will help you maximize your earnings as an affiliate marketer, it won't hurt to join all of them.SOURCE

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