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BROKEN SEAL (Episode 1 and 2)




NEWS: BROKEN SEAL (Episode 1 and 2) [New Others News] » Naijacrawl
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The rays of light from the sun found its way to my room;brightening the gloomy house.

My alarm wasn’t an exception, it also cried to the tone of the rising sun.

I rolled frome one edge of the bed to the other, finally waking lazily. I got up from the bed, still on my nighties, by my nighties, i mean creamed coloured pyjamas.
I located the bathroom, brushed my teeth and washed my face. Then went the the living room. Everywhere was still as untidy as it was last night, what was i expecting? That angels would tidy my room? No way!!! I don’t even believe in them.

Ooops sorry i forgot to introduce my self! Am Isaiah, Isaiah Guidotti from a family of four, dad is the mayor of cebu and mum, a business woman. I have only one sibling, my pearl, Isabella. I was born 27years ago. I spent all my life in cebu city, actually, its only yesterday i stepped out of cebu for the first time. I came down here, to Manila, the capital city of philippine, to work. Dad had that taken care of, so i can start working as soon as i wish.

*phone rings*

The caller is no other than samuel my best friend.

Samuel: hey bro
me: yeah! How are you doing?

Samuel: i’m doing good….how was your first night in Manila? (laughing)

me: it wasn’t peaceful at all, Manila is a noisy city!!!

Samuel: hahahaha welcome to Manila don’t worry, you’d get used to it… the way am coming over, like right now!

Me: (happy) thats nice, but come prepared, you’ar gonna help me do some tidy-ups.

Samuel: exactly why i’m coming….catcha then?

Me: i’d be waiting, bye.

*hunged up*

That was samuel, my best friend. We grew up together, attended the same high school in cebu, but after high school, he came down here to Manila to live with his family, while i attened college in cebu.

I started doing some of the tidying, fixing the kitchen, putting the couches in place and so on.
Just then, i heard a knock on the door, of course i don’t need a seer to tell me its samuel. I ushered him in, not after a friendly handshake.

Me: buddy, i’ve got nothing to offer yet….(shy)

samuel: i understand, lets fix your house for now, when we are done, i’d take you out, we eat, have fun and show you new places, yeah?

Me: yeah! Thanks man.

Minutes drifted to hours, soon we were done putting the house in order. Samuel called an engineer to take care of the power, which he did pretty well, guess he must be an expert. Samuel and i went to a fast food restaurant in the next street, M, de santos street, while i live at Soriano avenue. We ate some local (philippine) food and also visited some fun parks. Then to samuel’s family house where i was given a warm welcome.
The day moved really fast, its 7:34pm already! I’m not the type that stays out late, i asked samuel to take me home. Samuel had a car of his own, and lives in a mansion, his parents are filthy rich and he’s their only child. A little wonder he is a spoilt brat.

Samuel dropped me at the entrance to my house, before zooming off. I went in and sat on the sofa to breath down for a while. I was kinda tired luckily i don’t have to cook, i ate a delicious meal made by samuel’s mum herself!!!
I switched on the tv a soap tittled ‘rivers of love’ was being played. I liked the display of love and affection showered by Coco Martins (a philippin actor) in the soap. I unconsciously wished it was me been flooded by ‘rivers of love’ yes i did had a relationship back then, but i’d never describe that as rivers of love, rather ‘desert of love’ yeah ‘coz i don’t know if the love actually existed.

The soap ended a few minutes to 9pm, not after leaving a great suspense. I was also getting sleepy, but just as i envisaged, the sounds of rock music, various degrees of car hootings and what sounded like gunshots, won’t let me have a blissful night rest.
I shouldn’t have opted to stay in the heart of Manila, but hey! I want some adventures, i’ve heard so much about MANILA.

Episode 2

I woke up pretty late today, took my bath, toasted some bread for myself before leaving for samuel’s house. He’s the only friend i’ve got in Manila-for now!!!

As usual, we did some hanging outs, went to the cinema and other cool places. Manila is such a great city and a place you’d love to be, but be ready to spend cash!
Hours ran to days, days eventually travelled to weeks. I’d be having my first day at work today.
Its unlike me to wake earlx, but i did today. Hey i need to create a good impression, first days matter alot you know.
I quickly took my bath, got clad in black tux with nice pair of shoes. My hair is pretty long and brown, I dressed it backwards, making a perfect cop-style.
I didn’t have a hard time locating DE COSTA SHOE COMPANY LTD, i had the address and also have been here before(with samuel) samuel’s dad is a big share holder in the company.

My director introduced me to some of thd workers, he also showed me my office. I’m to head the marketing department. My secretary rose is a beautiful young lady in her early twenties, she should be about 5’6 from the ground.

My first day at work was better than i envisaged, it was cool, had a nice launch, made new friends and work hours aiint that hectic.
I came back from work, made dinner then rested for a while before going to bed. This became my status-quo for over a month, what a boring life right? You can say that again. But something interesting happened a month after i started working.
I came back from work, feeling tired, i had a very hectic day;lots of people to attend to, pile of documents to sign, to mention but a few. It was worth it, i received my paycheck today!!
I was really hungry, i went straight to my room, and took my bath. I thought i’d be having some cool drinks and snacks, but when i opened the fridge it was drier than sahara yuck!!!
I don’t have much foodstuffs in the kitchen either.
I decided to do some shopping, common i just recieved my paycheck.

I boarded a cab, first went to metro bank to cash my money, then straight to the supermarket.

I collected a shopping trolley and started doing what brought me here.
I got some soft drinks, snacks and other stuffs.
I felt am forgeting something, i tried hard to remember what it was, my efforts were almost proven abortive, until….. ahah i remember, its perfume! The one at home is almost exhausted.
I pushed the trolley to ‘perf and cosmetic shelve’ i searched for my favorite calvin klein (CK) perfume, but couldn’t find it.
Oh sh!t not now that am hungry, i most get this perf, else i won’t leave. How can a place as big as this not have simple CK perfume? They aiint up to international standard as they claim mtcheeew
to say i was disappointed would be a great understatement. I turned to leave when i percieved the perfume from an angle;CK had been my favorite ever since i was a kid, my olfactory lobe reacts to it, down to a radius of 20km (lol), facing the direction in which the sweet scent is emanating from, i sighted the perf in the hands of a young beautiful lady, i wasn’t surprised ‘coz CK is unisex. I walked up to her, but sincerely, i didn’t know why.

Me: hi miss

lady: hi (turning her face away from me)

me: uhm….is that CK you are holding? (what a question!)

lady: sorry, am allergic to strangers.

She replied and took a few steps away from me, how rude!!!
I eventually picked the perfume i needed, never knew they were stocked only in one place.

I was too hungry to go home with an empty stomach, i went to the eatery section and ordered for some Adobo( a philippine food, made of chicken and some delicious spices) and orange squash.
I scoffed the food, paid off and head to the cashier’s desk, where i’d be paying for the stuffs i bought.
I met a cue of about 6 people, i quickly joined, making the 7th person. It was then i noticed that same i met minutes arrogant lady was in front of me….i knew ‘coz of her green gown, long dark and lovely hair.

The arrogant lady was taking too much time with the cashier, whats wrong? Why the loud word battle?

Me:(feigning anger) are we gonna stand here all day?!!!

Cashier: sorry sir…..this lady here don’t…….

Arrogant lady: (cut her short) never mind, i’d step away for now.

Its now my turn to pay, i gave the cashier my debit card.

Me: whats wrong with that lady?(pointing)

cashier: she claim to have lost her debit card, we do get this kinda theives everyday, i’d make sure the guards give her some dose of unforgettable lessons.

Me: (in my mind) hahahahaahaha i’m gonna pay an arrogant girl in her coins today!!!!!

:::::::: To be continued ::::::::

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