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Check How To Activate MTNWhoDeyCall Service On Your Phone




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Mtn whodeycall is another interesting service that MTN just launched which allows you to know the person you are calling Identity without even internet service unlike truecaller I’d checker which makes use of the internet before you can be able to get to know the person you are calling I’d.


This service is strictly related to truecaller which most of us know about and most people have been making use of such services for a long time and it’s said by mtn service providers that it’s strictly related to others but

the difference is just the internet access that mtn don’t need. 

 How To Activate Mtn Whodeycall

To activate the mtn whodeycall service on your mtn service.

You need to subscribe to the service by dialing the following code.

Dial *5058# then the whodeycalla service will be provided to you.

The subscription service ranges from daily weekly and monthly whodeycall service.

Which you need some token amount of airtime to get it done.

It entails from N30 weekly plan upwards.

But 7 day’s free trial is attached to the service which makes people test the mtn whodeycall service for free

( 7 days trial) 


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