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Former Emir of Kano ,Sanusi Lamido Sanusi message about the unity of Nigeria




OTHERS NEWS: Former Emir of Kano ,Sanusi Lamido Sanusi message about the unity of Nigeria [New Others News] » Naijacrawl
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The former Emir of Kano and former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi shared his views concerning the unity and progress of Nigeria in achieving our nations goal .

Anybody that is still preaching that the problem of Nigeria is Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo or Fulani, etc, does not love Nigeria . The problem with Nigeria is that a group of people from each and every ethnic tribe is very selfish.

The poverty that is found in Maiduguri is even worse than any poverty that you find in any part of the South.

My grandfather was an Emir. Why was I in the pro-democracy movement fighting for June 12? Is (Moshood) Abiola from Kano ?

Why am I a founding director of the Kudirat Initiative for Nigerian Development (KIND)?

There are good Yoruba people, good Igbo people, good Hausa, good Fulani, good Nigerians. There are good people everywhere, and there are bad people everywhere, that’s the truth. Stop talking about dividing Nigeria because we are not the most populous country

in the world. We have all the resources that make it easy to make one united great Nigeria . It is better we stay united than divided.

Every time you talk about division, when you divide , do you know what will happen? In Delta Area, the people in Warri will say Agbor, you don’t have oil. When was the Niger Delta constructed as a political entity? Ten years ago, the Itshekiris were fighting the Urobos. Isn’t that what was happening? Now they have become Niger Delta because they have found oil.After, it will be, if you do not have oil in your village then you cannot share our resources.

The Yoruba were Ijebu, Owo, Ijesha, Akoko, Egba. When did they become one? Were they not fighting and killing each other? Igbos, will call some Igbos Osu— outcast and slaves.

When did the North become one? Were they not killing themselves, even now?

You have the Sokoto Caliphate that brought every person from Adamawa to Sokoto and said it is one kingdom. They now said it was a Muslim North.

The Colonialists came,put that together &said it is now called the Northern Nigeria. Do you know what happened?Our grand fathers were able to transform to being Northerners. We have not been able to transform to Nigerians.The fault is ours, the first thing I heard was that in Urobo land, there will be a curse of the ancestors. I said they (anycestors) would not answer. They said why? I said how many factories did Ibru build in Urobo land? So, why will the ancestors of the Urobo people support her?

Tell me, how many governors has South West produced after Awolowo that are role models of leadership? How many governors has the East produced like Nnamdi Azikiwe that can be role models of leadership? How Many governors in the Niger Delta are role models of leadership? Tell me.

We have bad leaders in the north.There is no evidence statistically that any part of this country has produced good leaders. We talk ethnicity when it pleases us. It is hypocrisy. 

The problem is: everywhere in this country, there is one Fulani, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Edo and Itshekiri man,etc,whose concern is how to get his hands on the pile and how much he can steal.Whether it is in the military or in the civilian government, they sit down, they eat together. In fact, the constitution says there must be a thief—minister,appointed from every state.

We have governors in the north, they go to China and spend one month on a tour and what do they come back with, MoU on debts. China will lend you $1.8bn to build light rail. This light rail will be done by rail workers from China.

The trains will come from China. The engines will come from China. Labour comes from China. The driver is Chinese.

“At the end of the day, what do you benefit from it?

Your citizen will ride on a train and when you ride on a train, in northern Nigeria, in a state like Kano or Katsina, where are you going to? You are not going to an industrial estate to work. You are not going to school?

You are not going to the farm.

You borrow money from China to invest in trains so that your citizens can ride on them and go for weddings and naming ceremonies. You failed to sustain industry or modify, so where or how will you get returns on investment? 

We have leadership problem. We need to choose leaders that are competent to do the job whether they come from us or not.

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