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 It is very bad for a man to think he will never need another man in life, or that he can never need a man twice in the journey to destiny.

This is why I will like us to see the wonders of relationship today.

1. Relationship is stronger than achievements: At a point in our lives we shall come to realise that the best moments of our lives came not when we bought cars or built houses but when we truly receive the support of people who believed in us.

2. Good relationship is a reward of a life well spent.

3. Relationship is stronger than having possessions. There was this story of a man that chopped off the fingers of his son because the little boy wrote on the Father's brand new car. The father later carried the boy to the hospital but the fingers can't grow again. He got home to read what the boy scratched on the car and found out the boy wrote “ Dad I love you". Well the car can be repainted but the fingers cannot grow again. There is no day the father could be proud once anyone asks the boy what happened to his fingers

4. Never take people for granted: When God wants to bless you, He places the right people by your side or He removes the wrong people from your life.

5. Forgiveness and sacrifice are the keys to a good relationship: This is the most difficult angle of relationship. Forgiveness is a virtue that must be demonstrated even when it is hard or impossible to do so. It is only those who have not been truly offended that will tell you forgiveness is easy. But it is a must, no matter the situation, even when the offender never asks for it.

6. Never give a feeling that someone is not needed in your life. You cannot walk or work with everybody but life is designed with a method of elimination by substitution. God will keep replacing people in your life by bringing new relationship but that does not mean the old friends cannot be useful relationship again.

7. Don't use people to climb in life: Men are never meant to be used but to be loved.

8. When you meet someone for the first time, warn your head never to think on what you will get but what you will give. Don't think on what you will teach but what you can learn. Many of us go through life with messages to teach and not lessons to learn.

9. Don't always wait till all is fine with you before you help others: Some people may not need your help twice in life. There are people on their way to die but a little help from you can give them hope that life is still fair to them. I once read about a Vendor who will always give Bill Gate free news paper when Bill was still struggling to make name. Eventually Bill became the world's richest man some nineteen (19) years after and he looked for the Vendor to reciprocate. He asked the Vendor what he would like Bill to do for him and the man replied “nothing". Bill, who was bent on helping the man said, ask me for anything because I have everything now but the reply from the man was shocking, he said “You want to help me now because you have everything but I helped you when I had nothing" Bill, at an interview had to confess that this Vendor was truly the richest man he ever met.

10. Never be deceived by the splendor of your position. Quality relationship will surely outlast any position you are today, keep it. Are you a teacher? Keep your relationship with and students. Are you a Doctor or Nurse? Keep quality relationship with those dying patients. Are you a military or uniform man? Keep those relationship than you keep your gun. Are you a pastor? Keep quality relationship with people.

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