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Why Are Men Attracted To Large Breasts?




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In 2016, a pretty, large breasted lady stirred commotion at computer village, Ikeja Lagos.

Men trailed and hailed her for the size of her breasts. Jokes of breasts size fly about.

And each time a girl with small breasts is usually at a disadvantage.

Men typically smile at these jokes but women often cringe, feeling tyrannized by breast size the way many men feel oppressed by the size of their penis.

However, because the penises are usually hidden, it is different.

Women’s chests are routinely visible and often accentuated by clothing.

Women are often easily judged sexually by breasts than by anything else.

A 2004 study in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B found that women with large breasts have higher levels of the hormone estradiol mid-cycle, which could increase fertility.

Thus it is possible many men see women with large breast as prime fertile mates to reproduce with, even if they are not aware of the reason behind their attraction.

Is this true? Are women with large breasts sort after because men feel that they can reproduce? In our online research, the leading preference was large breasts, followed by medium then small.

Some said they could feel attracted only to women with a specific endowment.

So if a lady do not have "water melons", they may not find her attractive.

Some believe that a heavily endowed woman is more feminine than her small – breasted counterpart.

Another set want something they can suckle or fondle in bed.

Although a lot of men want something in the medium range too.

Holistically, it is also true that the bra industry supports the idea that large breasts are better and more appealing.

Push up and padded bras flood the market and continue to make a lot of sales unlike lacy bras.

The rise of breast augmentation is also a major factor.

Surgeons in America perform 317,000 boob increment jobs as against 100,000 reductions annually.

This could mean many women feel sexier with large breasts and their men want same.

Conclusively, while large breasts are very attractive, many men insist that when they fell in love, they fell in love with the women’s personality - breasts inclusive, whether it is large or small.

Share your thoughts. Do you like large breasts?

By - D-money.

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