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Trump Impeachment': Democrats Call For Trump Conviction




Trump Impeachment': Democrats Call For Trump Conviction
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The Democratic prosecutors have logically wrapped up their final arguments concerning the impeachment and conviction of President Donald Trump.

It should be noted that the Senate commenced her impeachment trial on Monday ( Yesterday) with an impassioned appeal for President Trump conviction for abuse of power.

The Cheif House prosecutor stated that “ You can’ t trust this president to do the right thing, ” in his closing speech on the Senate floor. “ He will not change and you know it .“ History will not be kind to Donald Trump, ” Schiff said.

He then urged the senators to find the “ courage to stand up to him . ”The California lawmaker told the 100 senators who will decide Trump ’s fate that the founders of the United States “ gave you a remedy and they meant for you to use it. ”

“ Now do impartial justice and convict him ,” he said .

The Senate is to vote at 4:00 pm ( 9pm GMT+1 ) on Wednesday on the charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress and the Republican president is all but certain of being acquitted .

It should be noted that the Republicans hold 53 seats in the Senate to 47 for the Democrats, but a two -thirds majority, or 67 senators, is needed to remove a president from office .


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