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Lucifer's Bride (She's mine) Episode 1 and 2




NEWS: Lucifer's Bride (She's mine) Episode 1 and 2 [New Story] » Naijacrawl
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Lucifer's Bride (She's mine )

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     Episode 1

    Roxanne's Pov:

The knock on the door came repeatedly and I rushed out of the bathroom to check It out.

I opened the door and of course, It was mum. 

"Roxanne" she called with relieve. 

"Where have you been? I've been knocking for some time now".

I sighed and walked back into the room and she followed me behind. 

"I was taking my bath mum":I replied but she still looked around the room.

Hold on; is she doubting me?

"Seriously mum, do you think I'm lying?" I asked and scoffed. 

"Where else could I possibly be in this cell? I've been locked here my entire life. It's not like I have a choice anymore".

"Roxanne" she called tenderly and held my hand.

I kept quiet and tried not to look at her.

"Baby, I know you're upset. But I want you to know I'm doing this for your own good"

"I've been hearing that for the past nineteen years mum, but you still can't explain it to me. Why are you keeping me locked in here? Why don't you want me to go out? I don't even know what the outside world looks like. The only people I know in my entire life Is just you and miss Margaret. Come on mum, I'm nineteen already. Isn't it enough?"

She heaved a sigh and closed her eyes. Then she opened them and placed them on my cheek. 

"I love you, Roxanne" she said sadly.

"And one day, you'll get to understand I'm doing all these for your sake. 

"Your tutor is waiting for you in the sitting room".

I left her and went to the bed to sit.

"I can't learn today. I'm feeling dizzy" I replied as I sat on the bed. 

She walked up to me then kissed me on the forehead and left the room. 

I sighed and stood up to go stand by the window. I looked outside and saw the same view I've been seeing my entire life. I don't even know where I am.

When I look out the window from the tallest part of the building where my room was, all I could see were trees and grasses - looking like a forest. I've been this way my entire life.

As soon as mum gave birth to me, she kept locked in here. Yes, I'll call it locked because I have no idea what the outside world looks like. I don't even go to school and miss Margaret has been my home teacher right from childhood. I don't even know what having a friend looks like because the only people I know is mum and miss Margaret.

Mum has forbidden me from going out because she said it's dangerous and it's something I've been trying to understand. What does she mean it's dangerous?

I mean, they're other people out there in the world. Even she herself goes out. So, why's my own case different? Why's she doing this to me?

I don't even know my dad. According to her, he's dead. But why do I feel unsecured about this whole thing? What could mum's secret be? Why's she keeping me away from the world? 

     Harriet's Pov:

I walked out of Roxanne's room and met Margaret there in the sitting room. I felt so bittered. 

"She won't be able to receive lectures today" I told Margaret as I went to stand by the window.

"Oh! Why's that? What's wrong with her?" She asked but I didn't reply immediately. 

"She's angry with me. She wants to get out of here" I said and a brief silence stepped in. 

"Well, you wouldn't really blame her, Harriet. She's been treated like a prisoner for nineteen years" Margaret said, standing up. 

"Well, what am I supposed to do?" I snapped and turned to look at her.

"My hands are tied, Margaret, and you know it. Damon's out there looking for her and if I let her step a foot out of this building, he's gonna sense her and find her."

"So,,do you plan on keeping her locked up for the rest of her life? Is that what you plan to do?" She asked.

"I don't know Margaret. But the most important thing right now is keeping my daughter safe. You know what Gerald did Damon. He killed his entire family. He murdered Damon's mother in front of her very eyes when he was a kid and now, all he wants is revenge. And that's why he grew up searching for Roxanne till date because she's Gerald's only child. Margaret,you won't blame me if I'm scared. Only God knows what Damon will do to Roxanne if he lays his hand on her. I don't know what to do".

I sniffed and buried my face in my palm. I was really so scared - scared for Roxanne. 

Damon's a beast and I can't let him lay his hand on her. 

"It's okay Harriet." Margaret said and drew close to console me.

     Zara's Pov:

I stood by the door and listened to the moans of the lady as she screamed his name, begging him to stop. 

"Oh! Damon, please! Stop it. 

"Oh! Damon..."

At first, all she wanted was to get on his bed. I mean, every lady wants to be in the arms of the Almighty Damon - but now she's finally gotten the opportunity, she's begging for him to stop.

Well, that's one thing about Damon - he's a sex freak.

Soon, I stopped hearing the lady's screams and I figured he was done with her. It's possible she actually paased out.

"Come in, Zara" I heard his cold voice from inside and I wondered how he knew I was actually there. 

I adjusted my skirt and her could opened the door with the file in my hand.

I got into the dazzling room and met him taking his jacket from the bed. The so called lady was actually crawling to the bathroom. 

I took my eyes back to Damon as he backed me and wore on his long black jacket.

"Um...g...good morning sir" I greeted nervously. 

You wouldn't blame me if I'm acting this way around him. I mean, there's just something about this guy - a strange aura that surrounds him and makes the people around him shiver. 

He turned and looked at me and I quickly took my eyes to the floor. You don't look at Damon in the eyes when he's staring at you. 

"Tell them I'll be with them in a sec" he said cheerlessly and walked away, going into the inner room. 

Dang! He read my mind again and knew I was coming to tell him the board of directors were waiting. 

I watched him as he walked away and I also turned around and left the room.

Want a little introduction? 

Well, Damon's the richest, most handsome baddest guy I know. Trust me when I say this- he's weird. 

He owns the top best high school in the country and also deals in the building and marketing of real estates. I don't know how he was able to acquire all these, but they've made him stinky rich. 

His mere presence around you can make you pass out and that's because he's just too handsome and se*y - too handsome and se*y that I think it's not ordinary.

I don't really know how to explain this Damon of a guy because like I said, he's weird. Every body's scared of him - even the authorities and that's the reason none of them could question him about his wealth. 

I get to know just little about it and that's because I've been with him for a long time now. I've also been down there on his bed and trust me when I say this - Damon's the best when it comes to love making. Although, sometimes, he uses it to punish some ladies when he's angry with them. I really don't know how he does It and that's why I say he's wierd. Sometimes, I feel there's something supernatural about him.

He doesn't even have a family; no friend, yet, he's this stinky rich. 

Somehow, I think he's been looking for a lady. I don't really know her or anything about her, but with how desperately he's been looking for her; I fear she's gonna be dead if he finds her.

I went out to the balcony and joined the rest of the board members on the round table where they sat, awaiting Damon's arrival. 

"He'll be here soon" I said to them as I took my seat and one of them sighed. 

Hmph. They're so scared of seeing him. 

They all started cross checking the files they were to present to him. They had to make sure there'd be no mistake because Damon picks offence at every single thing. 

I also decided to go through my own files as well and in the process, I heard footsteps and the men started making little uncomfortable sounds - like they were shivering. 

I lifted my eyes and saw Damon walking gracefully towards us; his right hand in his trouser pocket while the other operated his phone. 

He was now putting on white long sleeve with the three top buttons opened, exposing a part of his chest - giving him the perfect killing look. 

I got lost staring at him - wondering how someone could be this perfect -so cute. He was overly charming and mere words cannot describe him.

He got to the table and that was when I realise I was making a grave mistake. I was supposed to be on my feet! 


I quickly sprang on my feet and joined the rest of the men who were already standing. You don't sit when Damon's standing. 

"Good morning; sir" the men greeted with a little quiver in their voices. 

These are married men with families, being so scared of such a young boy. 

I mean, he's so young and it puzzles me to know how he became this powerful. 

He didn't say a word as he walked over to the head of the table and sat on it and that was when the rest of us sat as well.

He dropped his phones on the table and sank his fingers into his hair. 

"I'm listening" he said coldly as he leaned on his comfy chair. 

The first man - Luke - stood up with his own file. 

"So far, the school has been progressive. The success is getting tripled by the day and there's no way any other school in the country can ever beat us as the best" he said with carefulness and took his seat after Damon nodded. 

The second man also stood up and was about doing his own presentation when Damon suddenly cut him off.

"I told you not to sign the deal with the Western Company, didn't I?" He asked and the man's eyes drooped.

How did he get to know about it? 

"Uh...Sir, that's...that's what I was about trying to explaining to you..."

"I told you not to sign it, but you went ahead to do it your way" he cut him off again without looking at him. 

"Actually sir, I went over it again and got to discover a lot of benefits attached to It. It was really awesome and I felt it's not something we should miss. I'm sure if you get to hear the benefits as well, you'll also..."

A sudden cough interrupted him as he started choking. 

He held his neck and coughed profusely and I flinched. The rest of the men were also startled. 

Oh, God! 

I looked at Damon and he was just staring at the table. Blood was already coming out from the man's nostrils. 

Immediately, the coughing seized and he held onto the table for support as he almost fell to the floor. 

"Get out of here and never show your face to me again" Damon said icily and without reluctance; he took the files from the table and ran away immediately. 

The suspense in the room doubled as everyone became stunned at what just happened. Their fears increased. 

"Who's next?" Damon asked and the man who was next to talk cleared his throat and stood up. 

Nervousness could clearly be seen all over him.

But immediately, a maid showed up and interrupted the moment. 

"Sir Damon" she called politely with a bow. 

"Sorry to disturb you, but there's a lady requesting to see you. She said it's important".

Lucifer's Bride (She's mine💫)

     Episode 2

     Damon's Pov:

I stood facing the window as I awaited her to come in. 

The door opened slowly and she walked in and stood behind me.

I could feel her ecstasy. 

"Damon" she called seductively. 

She really thinks I don't know whom she is and why she's here? 

I emptied the wine in my glass into my mouth before turning around to look at her.

She was putting on a short flair gown that left her hips and cleavages exposed - looking damn hot.

I stood still without saying a word and she came close to me and wrapped her hand around my shoulders. Nobody gets to be this free with me; unless it's someone like her.

She brought her face close and kissed my lips, but I didn't reciprocate.

"What's your name?" I asked as she made our foreheads touch. 

"Tara, my Lord" she replied with a sweet smile and kissed my lips again and I scoffed. 

She really wants to play along with this? Well, I'll give it to her. 

I grabbed her big butts and squeezed them in my hands and she moaned. She kissed me and I reciprocated and lifted her up from the floor, taking her to the bed. 

I made sure her legs didn't touch the floor as I carried her in my arms and laid her on the bed. 

She quickly unbuttoned my shirt and rubbed her hand on my bare chest. 

Then, I made her sit on top me.

"Why was it so important for you to see me?" I asked in a whisper as she made her butts touch my d*ck. 

"I just wanted to see you; my Lord. It has been my out most desire to satisfy you" she replied in another smile.

I guess she's too dumb to realise I'm not being addressed as *Lord* here on earth. 

I made her fall back on the bed and got on top of her.

Since she was putting on a short dress, it easily exposed her hips and I moved my hand downwards till they got to her p*nt and she moaned again.

I placed my face in between her chest and bit her nipple from outside.

Then, I reached for her p*nt and moved it aside, slipping in two fingers. 

"Hah!" She gasped and held me tight in ecstacy as she obviously enjoyed it.

I made it three fingers and this time around, she screamed. It hurt. 

I kissed her ear lobe and whispered into it:

"Why's your p*ssy so wide? I thought Christopher was the only one drilling you?"

She opened her eyes wide in shock and stared at me with disbelieve. 

"Long time, Kaylan" I said with a smirk and that was when she knew she was bursted.  

She quickly brought out the knife from her dress but I was smart enough to grab it from her and threw it to the wall. 

I held her by the hair and pushed her out of the bed with a mighty force and she crashed to the floor. 

I stood up from the bed and looked at the knife and with my eyes turning red, it shattered to pieces immediately. 

I looked back at her and she has already changed into her real form - the real Kaylan.

"Do you think I'm a fool? What are you doing here?" I asked calmly.

"I was looking for you" she replied, panting .

"So you can stab me?"

"To take you home!".

I quietly walked over to the table where a bottle of wine was kept and opened It. 

The knife wasn't an ordinary knife. If she had succeeded in stabbing me with it, I'd have vanished immediately back to hell. 

"Why're you guys too dumb to realise I'm never gonna leave without finding her?" I asked as I decanted some wine into a glass cup.

"You need to stop this madness, Lucifer. You've been searching for her for years. For how long will you keep searching?" She asked impatiently.

"For as long as it may take".

"But it's possible she's dead".

"No, she isn't. Harriet is hiding her from me but I'm definitely going to find her".

"This is madness. Gerald's the one who hurt you, not her..."

"But she has Gerald's blood in her veins together with his powers"

"But, you don't need her powers to survive. You're already the most powerful being in hell. Just let her be. What do you need her for?"

"To make her feel the pains her bastard of a father made me feel". I said angrily and crushed the glass in my hand, remembering everything he did to my mother. 

"So, what? You gonna rape her and kill her or what?" She asked, spreading her arms apart. 

"Exactly" I replied and drank directly from the bottle. 

"Seriously, Lucifer. You need to stop this madness and come home".

"Call me mad one more time and I'll make you lose your tongue" I told her and felt the fear she felt. 

"Im sorry" she said with a little bow. 

"But, you don't understand. It's important you come home immediately because there's a pressing issue on ground".

I remained silent and drank from my bottle again, expecting her to speak up.

"Nicklaus has escaped" she broke the bombshell and my eyes flashed with anger. I turned swiftly to look at her.

"What?" I asked beneath my breath. 

"Yes, Lucifer, he's escaped and we think he might be here on earth. It's possible he's after Gerald's daughter as well. You know he's always had a taste for her and her powers".

I felt anger eating me up. How the hell did he escape?

He was one of my subjects in the past. But he betrayed me and I had him locked up since then. 

"You need to come home, Lucifer; please" she pleaded. 

"Not until I find Gerald's daughter" I replied icily.

"Nicklaus is after her and her might come for you as well" she said. 

"He's no match for me" I replied. 

"I wouldn't be sure if I were you. You haven't seen how powerful he's become. He killed Cain and absorbed his powers".

"Still, he's no match for me and you know it".

"Fine! But you still need to come home. You've left the throne empty for years now. The kingdom needs a king and the elders will not be happy if I return without you".

I kept quiet and emptied the bottle into my mouth. 

"I'll double my efforts and find Gerald's daughter and when I'm done with her, I'll return home" I said as I made a crown of light in my hand.

"Go back and convey my message" I added and threw the light at her.

"Lucifer, no!!!" She screamed as she vanished away.


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