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NEWS: MY MIRABEL MY SACRIFICIALLY LAMB ( episode 5) [New Story] » Naijacrawl
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Episode 5

Its Saturday, no lectures.

I did my laundry,

arranged my room, prepared something to

eat, ate, rested, read my books then rested

again using my phone to surf the internet,

chatted on whatsapp, facebook, bbm till i

got bored. I don’t know what else to do, i

guess i needed some company but who?

I called Promise if she could come over but

she went home for weekend. I called Titus

if i could come over to his place but he

wasn’t picking. D--n it! I need friends!! and

a girlfriend!!!

I decided to call Esther, good thing i didn’t

delete her number.

Esther: Hello

Me: How u doing?

Esther: Fine

Me: How’s ur day going?

Esther: Not too good

Me: What’s wrong?

Esther: What do u care

Me: I cared to call and asked whats wrong

when u’re not in a good state

Esther: What about all this while?

Me: I’ve been sick, did u even try to check

on me?

Esther: I didn’t know, i was waiting for your


Me: Alright, where are u now?

Esther: Hostel

Me: I guess u’re feeling bored right?

Esther: Kind of

Me: Can u come over to my place?

Esther: Where?

Me: D.S.V off camp room 4

Esther: What do u have for me?

Me: What do u want?

Esther: Anything nice

Me: Alright, till u come

Ended the call, i went to purchase 3

noodles, 4 eggs, sardine and hollandia

yogurt (D--n, see what Boriness cost me). I

waited for 10mins before preparing the

noodles then stood at my doorpost awaiting

her arrival. She arrived, i ushered her in

while she was sniffing like a dog.

Esther: What is this aroma i’m perceiving?

Me: Swear u don’t know

Esther: I can guess

Me: Have a seat

She sat down while i brought out a movie

and inserted it into my laptop.

Esther: What movie is that

Me: You will know, just watch

Esther: I don’t like all those fighty fighty


(Really? U must like e----c movies abi)

Me: Me too

I served the meal while we’re watching the

movie. Series of romantic scenes were

shown i noticed she was so still. After

cancelling the meal, we paid more

attention on the movie until the first part

got finished.

Me: So… u like the movie?

Esther: Don’t tell me u don’t have the next


Me: And if i don’t?

Esther: I will strangle u right now

Me: Are u sure u’re that powerful?

Esther: Ofcoz

Me: No part 2 *tongues out*

Esther: Aarrghh!

She jumped on me trying to harm me, while

i seized the opportunity to caress her waist

as she was on top of me. She moved up

and down on me trying to harm me

playfully sha. That stimulated vame to

sprang up from its slumber. I was caressing

all over her back, waist and thigh until i

proceeded further by grabbing her a$$.

That made her stopped what she was doing

and looked me in the eyes while i did

same, she didn’t say or do anything. So i

Continued caressing her softly, i placed my

two hands on her a$$ massaging it gently

she didn’t do nothing. I held her waist and

positioned her so i’d be on top, she kept

staring at me like i charmed her or

something. I kissed her cheek, then her

neck severally, i kissed her lips but she

didn’t respond to it. I’m not enjoying this,

it even made vame shy. I pulled back and


Me: Are u ok?

Esther: Are u done?

Wow! Vame immediately rise again and

said Hell No!! I’m just getting starte…

Didn’t complete the statement when she

rushed me aggressively sucking my lips

like a girlfriend who wants to please her

boyfriend that just won a lottery.

I tried to catch up but she was too fast and

wild… we continued for like a minute or two

until she disengaged from the kissing to

pulling off my shirt and my pants

simultaneously then inserted vame into her

mouth sucking it like a hungry child

sucking momma’s b----t…

☆☆☆To Be Continued☆☆☆

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